Why He Lost Interest In You; A Word Of Advice to Girls


Can you please stop asking why he is not doing this right, why he is not calling like he used to, why he is not as excited as he used to be?

Give us and yourself a break. Take out time and reflect. Ask yourself those questions not him. YES! ASK YOURSELF!

In recent times most men feel like they have been scammed by us women (oh yes, for those who know me, I now happily call myself a woman, I am old jor  :p lol). WE really shouldn’t wonder why they feel scammed; putting myself in their shoes I’ll feel worse than scammed! It’s not fair!


Why would a man come after you for certain reasons then when you are comfortable and settled you start ‘back sliding’.

Are you still wondering what i am talking about? mschew! I’ll give you examples of yourselves (yes yourselves, you’ll need proof to put me in your category).


image credits: www.trophy-wife.net
image credits: www.trophy-wife.net


  • Remember when you both met and he really used to look forward to seeing you?  Yes I am sure you do, and are you wondering why he seems to have changed? Wonder no more! What happened to the booty he used to admire? Seriously, why did u loose the damn weight? Did his car tires complain to you, or did he ever tell you he was shy? For all you care, dude be getting accolades from his friends to be controlling that, but you just had to ruin it!
  • Remember when he used to wake you up with those kisses every morning? Yep, those kisses that made you raise your leg even in bed? Trust me you will never get those kisses again, wearing that stupid awfully coloured hairnet and that stupid white face you take to bed! Ahn ahn! Be nice to the brother! Let him wake up to you, not a reincarnate of his mum.
  • Seriously, do you not have clothes again? Why the night dress and wrapper all the time? ehn? When you lot was fresh, it was shorts and tubes and those really nice looking maxi dresses and their likes. Thought you said you loved him? If you do, why torture him? Yes, your night dress and wrapper every day is TORTURE!
  • OH! By the way, even when you have to wear your night dress, what happened to the alluring ones? It’s a freaking night dress not a church wear and he is your man and if you must know, he has blood running in his veins. He deserves to come home to someone appealing.
  • Sweet Jesus that your ridiculous hairdo must go! You used to be so adventurous with your hair (please I am not asking anybody to go and make purple or green hair o, it’s just a figurative way of saying keep trying new things). Make him look forward to something. As ridiculous as it may sound ask him what to do to it sometimes, it shows appreciation and a tiny little bit of respect (kill me! We should all respect our men)
  • If he met you a dark person, why have you suddenly become white? How did you do it? Be chasing him away o! a bunch of the single ones are waiting to swallow him up
  • Ah! And yes please, we all know it speaks well of you to always wanna cook for him at home but have you ever wondered how bored of it he is? Give the brother a break, a little lunch date or dinner date can do the magic.
  • Spend time with him, doing what he enjoys doing. I tried it and lord did it keep him hooked? Dude was proud of me when I started to talk video games graphics o!  Not like I was gonna win an award but for the fact that I even made an effort. It did the magic.
  • Music! Ah yes Music can cause trouble. You do not have to cry him to stop listening to what he likes. Infact listen and start singing along. That way, when you ask him to stop, he knows it’s not out of your plain stupidity, after all you made an effort to like it, it just did not work.
  • If he doesn’t like to eat something, please why make it? Why waste your time then start crying when he does not eat it? Yes he should do things you like but you don’t force him. No be military barracks.
  • If you can’t stand his best friend (speaking from experience), instead of making a fool of yourself, reach out to the best friend. If you want something from a monkey, you gotta act like a monkey! That best friend will definitely like something you can cope with. Even if it boils down to you listening to him rant about what’s fantastic to him and crap to you, consider it your way of saving yourself from future headaches.
  • If he is into wild things, go wild with him. Yes! Go wild! U met him like that and fell in love with him like that. Why act like you don’t mind at the beginning then in the middle you start nagging about it. Someone once asked me if I could make out with him in his office, of course I thought it was crazy and I simply said the truth. Imagine if I had lied, I probably would have been crying about it.
  • Ladies, almost every man I know loves a lady that spices things up with sexy lingerie! Say NO to mama pant and bra! My ex saw particular lingerie of mine and said to me, “baby wear these things to excite me”. GBAAAM! Yes that’s how those words fell on me like a dirty slap. Funny thing is he would not have seen it if I wore it or not, think he just wanted me to feel guilty because it still had the price tag on. Lol (if you are not old enough do not read this)
  • Stay away from these words “IF HE LOVES ME, HE’LL ACCEPT ME THE WAY I AM” Hello! He actually accepted you the way you were; right now you are somebody else.



Yes, I am a girl but I beg to write from a guy’s perspective. It shouldn’t really be about us all the time, his opinion counts too. They need to be heard too. This post was came up from the discussions I have had with ‘the electro’ dad, the kid bionic (my besty, yes besty take a bow) and a couple of other male species I know. Surprisingly, they all have the same complaints and that’s what prompted me to post this. And for the record, nobody is asking you to be a whore, all I am saying is remain the woman he fell in love with, if that’s too hard for you, be a better woman. Just make sure whatever it is you are becoming suits him. You are in it together; it’s not a one man band! Plus we are not asking you to CHANGE, we just saying you should balance things up.


As for the guys, whatever happened to speaking up? Look it’s better for her to be offended than for you to be sad and she doesn’t know. She might hate you at first but trust me; she’ll be more than grateful because you’ll be saving her ass from a coming heartbreak.

*I definitely did not cover every part so don’t blame me…….




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