It is 9am on Saturday morning. The rays of the sun coming into my room woke me up. I can smell fried egg coming from the kitchen. I picked up my shorts, wore it and made my way to the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen,the sight that greeted me was such a lovely one. There she stood with her back to me in a lacy turquoise thong and my white tee-shirt. I walked gently towards her and hugged her from behind. It startled her. She screamed and turned around and we started laughing. She kissed me good morning. I sat down at the dining table and I still could not believe she came home with me from the club considering she is 6 years older than my age of 24. Her breasts seem to defy gravity as they stayed perky and firm without any hint of sag despite the fact that she was not putting on any bra at the moment.

She served breakfast and we made small talk as we ate. After breakfast I gave her a kiss for a well-prepared meal and she giggled.
“What are your plans for today?” she asked.
“Errrrr, I have no plans” I replied.
“You do now” she said
I laughed out of surprise and just nodded my head in agreement.
“What exactly do you have in mind?”
She replied “I am leaving now. Let’s see a movie together. Meet me at the mall by 2.”
She walked to the room, where she got dressed and I tried persuading her for a quickie but she declined saying we will end up not leaving the room the whole day, which sounded perfect to me. She kissed me goodbye as she left my house.

I got to the cinema at exactly 2:15 to find her waiting for me. It felt strange to be the one apologizing for coming late. We saw a movie and afterwards decided to take a walk round the mall. We kept our conversation flowing by making fun of people we passed by. She was eager to know more about me and asked general questions which I answered.

Suddenly, the question got personal and it looked like she was already imagining us in a relationship. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead,my palms were sweaty and my voice shaky.
“Are you okay?” she asked
“Yes” I replied quietly
” I don’t think so. You look like you just saw a ghost” she insisted
Like magic I found my voice and replied “Yesternight was fun,we hooked up and the sex was awesome”
“I am glad you enjoyed it” she said with a smile
” I am not looking for anything serious and this right here is getting serious. I feel like you are picturing us together already” I answered
“Ooooooh” she said with shock written allover her face
She continued by saying ” Can we go now please?”
” We are cool, right?” I asked
“Yes” she replied
We left the mall with me feeling so relieved that she had taken it well.

My relieve turned to dismay on Monday morning when I got to work and my boss called me to his office to introduce the new head of my department. The woman he had said so much about is the same woman I hooked up with over the weekend and to make matters worse she is his daughter.



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