Jamb Questions And The Annoying Toasters


Simi’s Jamb Question is such a good song, and everything about is fresh and refreshing. But probably the best thing about is the message and demographic it represents.

Yes I’m talking about those of us girls that are tired of dry toasters, and their lame and unoriginal lines and styles of toasting.

I mean don’t you just hate when a guy that’s already lacking in swag comes up to you trying to strike a conversation, and starts with lame lines like what’s your sign? what do you do for fun? What state are you from? What school did you go to? I mean you might as well just bring a form for me to fill out because I feel like I’m filling out a medical form?

While you’re at it might as well as ask me for my height, weight, and eye color.

Many of these toasters need to realize that striking up a conversation is not by asking dry, silly questions that are so generic.You have to do something interesting, and different to peak our interests. Asking a silly question gives you an F9 from the start, and you’re already at the point of no return.

So fellas, please next time you’re approaching a girl, think very hard before opening your mouth to ask a stupid jamb question.

Ma Bi Ni Jamb Question, You See Your Style Is Just Not Cool…. Simi couldn’t have said it better.

Ladies, what are some of the weirdest jamb questions you’ve been asked by a guy?


  1. Some guy i met on social network(looking extremely ugly on is d.p)was like asking me what my dad does, where i spent my childhood,how many guys i dated,etc.. I was like it seems i would apply to chat with him


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