It Ends Tonight (Part 3)


People have spoken about fate but I have chosen not to believe it or even talk about it. However, today, fate is the only reason why I am sitting in the office of the wife of the man who made me lose everything. They say you keep your friends close and your enemies closer and that is exactly what I am going to do. I, Frank Ehinomen will be the perfect patient. I will answer whatever question she asks and do whatever she says.

“Good morning Mr Ehinomen” she says

“Good morning Dr. Adedoja” Frank replies gently

“Can I get you anything?” she presses further

“A glass of water will be good” Frank responds as he adjusts the sleeves of his shirt.

He could not help but notice the peach shaped bottom of his psychologist as she squats to get water from the dispenser. He feels a growing heat in his pants as she slowly came up from her squatting position. She hands him the glass of water and just as she is about to sit, the phone on her desk rings.

“That is my emergency line. I have to take this” Dr. Adedoja says to Frank.

He nods his approval and drinks out of the glass of water. He brings out his Blackberry to quickly respond to messages he might have from his friends.

“Oh my God !” she exclaims

Frank is scared and looks towards the desk as he sees her slump into the chair behind the desk. She is nodding her head as the person on the other end of the line continues talking.

“I will be there shortly. Thank you” she says as she concludes the phone call and drops the receiver.She walks towards Frank, trying her best to compose herself but he could still notices the fact that she is shaking allover.

“I am sorry we cannot have our session today. I have to attend to an emergency” she announced in her shaky voice.

“I hope you are ok?” Frank asks.

“Yes I am” Dr Adedoja replies quickly.

“Are you sure?” he probes further.

“I am fine, but could you do me a favour and drop me at the police station?” she says.

The firmness in her tone means she does not want to be quizzed further. Frank agrees to drop her at the police station because he is sure she cannot drive in her condition. She thanks him as they walk out of her office and she informs her receptionist to reschedule her other appointments for the day. They get to the police station and Frank drives in and park just to make things easy for her.

“Thank you Mr Ehinomen” says the doctor.

“You are welcome”. He responds, wondering why she is at the Police Station.

“I will call you and set up another session” she adds.

They shake hands as she opens the door and steps out of the car. Frank watches her as she walks into the police station with her hips swaying from side to side. He starts the engine of the car and turns the steering even as he continues staring at her, a loud bang and the sound of glass breaking brings him back to his senses. The occupant of the car he smashed into steps out of his car cursing out at him and fuming with anger. Frank steps out of the car to apologize to him only to find out it is him. The man whose car he smashed into is the man who made him lose everything. He is Mr Adedoja, his late fiancée’s boss.


Mr Adedoja is cursing at Frank who is still shocked to his marrow. He is standing about 20 feet from the man who has put him through pain. He could feel anger boiling in him and a storm of rage building up.

“Hey Mister, I am talking to you. Are you blind?” Mr Adedoja queries.

Suddenly, Frank charges forward, pushes Mr Adedoja to the ground, sits on his stomach and starts to punch him in the stomach and his face. Mr Adedoja swings his arms feebly like a woman as he tries to defend himself and Frank continues to pummel his face. The punches feel like a huge sack of stones thrown at his stomach and his face. He could only think of the number of broken ribs he is sure he is going to have as he had no strength to even shout out for help. Dr Adedoja looks back and sees the scene and screams for help from the police. Four Policemen run out and they grab Frank off the body of Mr Adedoja.

Dr. Adedoja who had followed the policemen as they ran out kneels by the body of her husband. His face is swollen and in blood,she screams at Frank who the police have pushed to the ground and put handcuffs on.

“What has he done to you?” Dr Adedoja asks through her tears.

“He has done a lot.” Frank mutters through clenched teeth.

Mr Adedoja tries to speak, but his wife asks him not to. An ambulance arrives and the paramedics put Mr Adedoja on a stretcher and put him in the ambulance.

“Madam, your pikin still dey here” an officer says to Dr. Adedoja.

“Dem bring am here with him other friends for attempted arson” the officer continues.

“You no go bail am?” another officer asks her.

Frank could see the confusion on her face as she could not decide who to attend to first. Her husband or her child. The officers walk Frank into the station as Dr. Adedoja asks an officer to please take her the hospital.


Frank having spent the last 10 days in police custody could not help but wonder how many days he has left to spend in police custody. The past 10 days have been gruesome, the mosquitoes in the 6 by 6 cell had feast endlessly on his body,the offensive odour of ammonia from other cells and his,the cold floor he has been sleeping on all seem like it worth it, as he is sure Mr Adedoja must have a broken nose, couple of broken ribs and a difficult time chewing food.

Mr Adedoja is in pains but still alive at least for now. An officer comes to open the cell and places handcuffs on Frank as he ushers him out of the cell in the same boxers he has had on for the last 10 days. The officer opens the door to an interrogation room and as Frank walks in, he sees Mr and Dr. Adedoja sitting.

Mr Adedoja has a plaster on his nose and his lips have stitches on them. Frank smiles as he sees this. He feels contented but not satisfied. The officer cuffs his hands behind the chair as he tells the couple they have just 15 minutes to spend. They nod in agreement as he leaves the room.

“Good Morning Mr Ehinomen” Dr. Adedoja says.

“Drop the formality outside and call me Frank” he replies with his eyes stone cold.

“Ok. How have you been?” she adds.

“Why not cut to the chase and tell me why you are  here” Frank says to the couple impatiently.

“Why did you attack me?” Mr Adedoja asks.

Frank laughs hysterically before replying “are you serious?”
“Yes I am” Mr Adedoja replies.

“Do you remember your late surbodinate, Miss Bankole?” Franks asks Mr Adedoja.

“Yes I do. I remember Bimbo” he replies

“She was my fiancée and you were having an affair with her before she died”

“Oh my God!” Dr. Adedoja exclaims.

Mr Adedoja is shell shocked at Franks’s revelation but goes to defend himself  “I was not having an affair with her”

“What were you then doing with her?” Frank shouts in anger.

The shout attracts the officer outside and he walks into the room asking them to calm down or he will take Frank back.

“I was not doing anything with her” Mr Adedoja says in with his voice as firm as it could be.

Frank tries to wriggle free from the chair but he cannot. He just wants to strangle him.”You cannot even admit that you were having an affair with her is that how much you do not respect her memory?” Frank says has his voice goes up 10 decibels. The officer comes back in to take Frank back as it had become obvious they could not keep their calm. He tries to uncuff Frank from the chair who is shouting and making threats at Mr Adedoja.

Mr Adedoja who refuses to be intimidated  starts shouting back at Frank, claiming his threats are empty and he will make sure he rots in jail.

“I am going to kill you” Frank says just as the officer cuffs him and is about taking him back.

Mr Adedoja screams back at him “Let’s see how you will do that when I let you in rot in jail”

The officer is about to open the door when Dr. Adedoja stops him.

“Madam, wetin?” the officer asks.

“I just have to say something before you take him back” she says.

This gets both Frank and her husband’s attention. They are eager to find out what she has to say.

“Frank,your fiancée Bimbo………”

“Yes, what about her” Frank cuts in.

“She was my lover”.




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