It does not matter what I look like… I am a man.

Man Eating Hamburger with Soda

Ladies that phrase completely annoys me! Have you ever met a man who is in his thirties and is so out of shape, both physically and all and has a requirement for a partner, spouse whatever. Ehm “She must be slim and have a flat stomach.” And the lists of requirements go on. Whereas him the man is fat, with a big stomach and has not seen his you know what in God knows how many years!

Sorry, if I can take the time to spend an hour everyday at the gym to make sure that I maintain my figure, why would you think I would want to look at a man that is completely out of shape? Or another one is a married man that constantly nags his wife about how she looks after she has given him 4 children. Him on the other hand does not look anything like he did when you initially got married. For one he has lost all his hair and is trying to hold on to the last few strands, and all the years of his wife’s great cooking has finally paid off for him because he no longer looks like a shrimp they rescued from Warri waterside. He has the mid age pot belly. But she the wife still takes him for who he is?

Ladies, guys, what do you all think?


  1. First….ROTFLMMFAO! But yes…I am so tired of men that feel that way…I dated a man that was in his 40's, had a GIANT belly and blood pressure issues…and one day he told me that if it wasnt for the fact that I kept myself up…he wouldnt be interested in dating me…WOW!!!!!!!!! What CHEEK! Needless to say…we are no longer dating…he's been recycled into society…mscheew….

    • LOL. Your entire comment had me dying! loll- you recycled him ehn! What a pot belly fool. I know the type you're talking about sha. And then they have the nerve to say they want a babe with a big booty and a six inch waist. mschewwwwwwwwww. Utter nonsense!

      • Girl YES!!!!!! I lived on the 4th floor and he almost DIED climbing up them steps…I'm like DAMN dude…really? And I gotta keep MYSELF up to be with you? And ALL his friends looked like him…he wasnt even wealthy…he just used to crack me up and I could talk to him about everything (or so it seemed at first). Then when we started peeling back the layers of the "onion" MY GOD! He was this TERRIBLE superficial dick head! OH NO! Back into society to become some other womans headache! NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is utter rubbish! A man has got to take care of himself for his very own good and not for anyone else. No body wants a freaking slob!!!!

  3. Yes O. Me I spend time to take care of myself. So I am not interested in a pot Belly man unless maybe he comes with some serious benefits… teheheheeee. I had to go there.

  4. If the man cannot locate his own abunna then no show at all! lol.

    I do hear of fugly men expecting their women to be in shape but havent experienced it yet. Even the younger men who say they prefer lepa ladies are always visibly attracted to my heavy boobs and ass. Some even try their luck,hissss

    From my experiences, the older men that chase me are usually the so called big men in society and actually very good looking. Say about 6ft or more, pot bellied but not over bloated, average ass(not competing with mine.ha ha) and goodlooking (ok i like my men handsome) and well bred.

    That said, I cant forget my experience with a big belled hausaman! Goodlooking and all he chased me with the confidence that comes with being close to IBB, when i finally went on a date with him, he took me to the polo club, trying to impress me with his circle of friend. (yawn)

    Anyway we get to his mansion and his bedroom and he man takes off his babariga, I almost fainted at the mass of that belle. All my juices dried up as the image of that amount of fat clouded my senses and I told him I had a headache, he tried to 'persuade' me with touching and kisses, but was too out of shape to keep at it. he soon gave up and fell asleep. The earthquake sounds of his snores alone kept me on night vigil.

    Early in the morning he says he has to go and see wifey and kids in the north. He showed me their pictures, they were triplets. left me wondering if he carried the babies in his belle chei!

    He just doesnt have any ground to expect his wife or mistresses to be in shape!


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