Is IT Over Yet? …Part 1


Since I’m now reluctantly paying the traffic ticket I got by those county cops who are always lurking in hidden corners eagerly waiting to politely dish out tickets to drivers like me who ignore the stop signs, and as I sat for my name to be called since I had not earlier scheduled an appointment, I decided to soak in all that was going on at the civil court.

I took a seat beside some lovebirds that couldn’t let each other be with their giggling, kissing and smooching while they fill out the marriage license application forms on their laps. Drifting my eyes to a door indicating civil ceremony, I saw a long line of eager and excited faces waiting to be ushered in to sign paper as husband and wife. There were a lot of activities going on in these waiting lobbies as every area I look, people were busy ensuing in one transaction or other people filing for legal separation, divorce and marriage annulment.

There were also traffic violators like myself fuming and frowning at the cheques in their hands that will soon be delivered for the restitution of their sins Though, I am no frequent at this civil courthouse but the rate at which marriage ceremonies were being held at the usual 10mins intervals from 8a.m to 4 p.m and the rate at which separation and divorce filing were being filed in based on diverse reasons ranging from money issues, infidelities, blackmail to minuet issues like farts and snoring are just appalling and mind boggling. I could not imagine how couples who were once like these still giggling lovebirds next to me could now within the space of years even sometimes months generate such great enmity between each other just like night and day and can’t even stand each other’s presence that has now led to this current irresolvable feat that borne divorce.

I am never an advocate for divorce maybe that was born out of the adverse effect I saw it wretch lives of people dear to me but I do reluctantly concur to separation where physical abuse, sexual promiscuity are involved and all efforts to get help for the violent or erring husband /wife result futile and that had generated a threat to the lives of individual‘s in concern. In such a situation ,I believe space is needed from each other to avert great danger but the rate at which many rather spent their times on preparing for the weddings, printing the invitations, selling aso ebi, browsing for the latest wedding dress all these which I do not personally have an issue against but then they totally ignore pertinent issues that involve the marriage they are about to start, a journey many board and after a few bus stops realize they are on the wrong track forcing them to alight and sadly hiking the dreadful statistics of divorce plaguing this 21st century marriages like the many at this crowded hall.



  1. Hmmmm…..

    We humans often ignore the important things expecially when we get excited…. we forget that the present excitement is just momentary like the surge of adrenaline we get when working-out which quickly fades away probably minutes after…..

    Problem is that the stress and heart ache we go through after making lifetime commitements and they fail are overwhelming…..

    well, as the article says nothing wrong in preparing big for a wedding and all (if you have the capacity) but the koko is now what happens after the wedding…..

    I'd rather not get married than to be in a marriage where im mauled by unresolvable issues all day…..

    But as a guy it is easy for me to say as women become more anxious as time passes by; this leads to making wrong choices/decisions regarding marriage…..

    We can only pray that we find the right person through God's guidance…..

    nothing is as good and sweet as being with someone who loves you as much as you love them and u easily compromise without a thought of it…. meaning lovely things just happen naturally…..

    said too much already…..

    once again great article @Ayomidamope

    U never fail to pull the reader into your thought process…..

    Ayo e ti da mo pe



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