Is It A Syndrome?


It has come to my knowledge that boys no longer do ‘the chase’, they now just move with the flow and expect things to happen and situations to unfold.  This I tell you, is VERY DANGEROUS.

Coming from someone that has watched people suffer rejection, I preach to you my brothers if you want something, MY BROTHER OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND TALK!


It was a sunny day in Lagos, particularly in Victoria Island. Tunde, alighting from a cab with no air conditioner, sweating profusely, still looking like he has won a million bucks, takes giant steps into the Silverbird Galleria. It’s actually movie day for him and ‘his girl’ Sophia (please note that Sophia is Tunde’s girl in his head).Picking up his phone to he makes a call.

“I am at the entrance Soph, where are you?” he gushed.

Sophia replied “WE are waiting to buy tickets so come right up.”

Getting up the stairs and taking a quick glance round the area, Tunde spots Sophia and the ‘WE’ she earlier mentioned made a lot of sense. (If I were you, I will grab some popcorn because the DRAMA is here)

Approaching Sophia, Tunde had his eyes fixed on the young man she was all cozy with whose face he could actually recognize from several pictures he had seen. Petite Sophia introduces Emenike to Tunde and after the pleasantries have been exchanged the bomb was dropped (please insert nollywood sound track). “Tunde, Emenike and I are officially dating now. Like today, so I thought I’d bring him to the movies with us since he is now part of the gang.” Sophia gushed with so much excitement.

Literally, it took Tunde a couple of minutes to process what he just heard from ‘his girl’ before he finally burst out “is this a joke?”  Just by saying that, the knot in his stomach untied and he blurted out the rest….. “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!!!!!!!” were the words that reverberated in both Sophia’s and Emenike’s ears.


Does Tunde sound strange to you? Well, I will break it down for you and take you into the world he created for himself.

Exactly one year ago, Sophia and Tunde met at the Iyana Ipaja, Lagos NYSC camp (yes NYSC P). She came in from Abuja and he has always been in Lagos. They were not in the same platoon but somehow they became ‘TUNDE & SOPHIA’. The 3 weeks on camp ended and somehow, Sophia ended up in her Aunt’s house in Lekki phase 1, which happens to be where Tunde lives too. Being the only friend she had they obviously drew closer. To her, he was just a friend; to him she was becoming more than a friend. They did everything together to the extent he started dropping her off at work. But she basically still saw him as a ‘besty’ (Best friend). Don’t even say she is dumb, my besty can come all the way from his office in V.I to give me red oaks plantain chips in Ikoyi and we remain just friends.

The pet names started coming up and she still did not see anything bad in the friendship (yes, my besty calls me snuggles and we are cool like that). As far as Sophia was concerned he was just the male her, until the day he kissed her on their way back from the beach.  Like every normal girl some keynotes in her body were woken up and yes it was awkward but she liked it. Well that awkward moment passed and the morning came.

Both starting to talk at the same time and stopping at the same time, he asks her to go first.

Sophia: Tunde is there something you want us to talk about?

Tunde: Nope

Sophia: Are you sure, because I am sure you remember what happened last night.

Tunde: *Holding her hands* Yes I am sure we have nothing to talk about babes, we are totally good and I am sorry I kissed you, i just got carried away I guess.

Sophia: Okay, I imagined we’ll have something to talk about.


That was the last time that matter was ever discussed.

Please can anybody explain why Tunde is upset? From that day, couldn’t he have seen that she also wanted him? Why is he crying now?

Moral of the story:

Don’t let anybody carry your cup over your head!




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