I’m F’ing a Married Woman


It’s been a while since anything came by our openbook email, but suddenly this one came through and I must say it’s quite the story. Read this from our anonymous openbook writer, and throw some advice if any…Me I don’t know what to tell the guy that he doesn’t already know.

From the title, it’ll seem a little crude and brash what I’m trying to say, but it is the truth I speak. I am f*cking a married woman, or shall I say, a “happily” married woman. I know I need to stop, and there is no good end to a story like this, but I just can’t seem to help myself. Before we all throw stones, I think it’s important to understand how all this came about.

It all started about 2 years ago. I was out with my friends for a Nigerian Independence day gathering at a joint in Kano, when I spotted an extremely beautiful, bright skinned woman that has just walked in. She didn’t look like she was there to hang, but rather to get suya and leave. She wasn’t dressed in a flashy way, and pretty much looked like she had just strolled out of the house casually. I sat there observing her for a little while, and then one of my guys just said “Ole boy, enter the babe now, if u wan enter… no just dey there dey look.” I approached her, and after a short conversation we exchanged numbers and she dashed off as she said she was not supposed to be out for long. That was how I met Bose.

A couple of days later, we chatted on the phone, and exchanged a few text messages and eventually decided to meet up for drinks and suya at the same joint we met at. We chatted, gisted and just generally connected. We were so in tune with each other that I was beginning to really like her already, and then she told me something I wasn’t prepared for. That she had just recently separated from her husband, and was steal dealing with the overwhelming shock and social stigma of it. At 28, she explained that she was a mother of 2, with no husband. In her words, “not what I would’ve thought of the day I got married.” We continued our drinks, and after a while we were both pretty tipsy. I decided to drop her off at her place. The house was a big family size house, and I remember wondering if she just bought/rented it after the divorce or the ex-husband vacated the residence for her. It seemed a little odd to have such a nice place shortly after a divorce, but whatever. I walked her to the door, and was just going to settle for a hug, when all of sudden she grabbed me and began to kiss me, and before I knew what was happening we were rolling into her living room, undressing along the way, and baam… we were f**king on the couch. As weird as it felt, I loved every second of it. She did things that night, that I would never have thought she’d be so comfortable doing.  After cuddling and kissing for a little while, we both passed out on the cold marble floor.

Next morning, she wakes me up sharply and tells me I need to leave as her family members were coming, and so I quickly put on my clothes, and ran out of the house. She promised she would call me, but that I shouldn’t call her as she doesn’t want her family to think she is already dating again shortly after her separation. I agreed and let it be. Heck, I was still in pleasant shock from what transpired the night before and was ready to drop the gist to my padis asap.

Weeks passed and still no call from Bose, and after I sent a couple of text messages that received no reply, I decided to forget about her. I was at  the joint again one day to go get suya for some visitors at my place when I saw Bose again…. looking extra fine as always and with 2 young toddlers. I approached and she smiled and apologized for not calling me back, and said she would soonest. I definitely didn’t think I’ll be getting a text message less than an hour after we saw… “My family is still at my house… Can you meet me at Kabo Hotel in 2 hrs?” 2.5 hours later we were at the master suite in Kabo hotel having wild sex once again. Next morning I wake up alone, with a note by the bed, with Bose saying she had to get back home before everyone in the house woke up. At this point, I started suspecting that something fishy was up… that she might not be entirely honest about things, but I quickly buried that suspicion. After all she’s not my wife or girlfriend so I have no right to question her so to speak.

This random, and spontaneous sex-capades continued for about 6 months. I’d get a call or text from her and we’d hook up and f*ck. That’s what I call it, cos that is exactly what it was. Very little conversation for the most part, and I liked the thrill of it. Which guy wouldn’t like no-strings attached sex?

All seemed ok, until one day I was looking through a recently published Ovation magazine only to see a picture of Bose with a well built heavy looking man, and underneath, the caption read Chief & Mrs blah blah blah at the opening ceremony of some boutique that was recently opened. I tried to calculate in a way that it must’ve been before we met, but this boutique was opened a few months ago. She’s married. That little bug in me that told me something wasn’t right is actually a reality. A Big Reality. I sent her a text and demanded to know if she was married and without any extra explanation, she simply replied, “Yes, I am.” I was sooo disguted with myself and her that I swore not to see her again and immediately deleted her number.

A couple of weeks later, a call comes in and it’s Bose on the other line… she pleads with me and explains to me that they are trying to work it out, and after a couple of mins of talking tells me that she needs me, and as weak of a person that I am, I agreed to meet her at her place. Her husband was out of town on business. Another wild f**king session happened, and this time the house was empty so we explored every corner of the house. From the kitchen, to the living room, the master bedroom and in the jacuzzi. It was as if we were trying to get it in for the last time. Except that it wasn’t the last time.

The routine was back on, and we’d hook up and f**k at her convenience and seeing that I am single, I wasn’t feeling like I was cheating on anyone. The bad feeling that I do have though is much worse, and that is that karma will come back to bite me. I’m sexually addicted to a married woman and I don’t know how to end it. Each time I tell myself I’m done, she calls and just like that, I’m in her again. It also seems like recently I’ve run into her and her husband a little more than usual and each time we see in public when she is with her husband we pretend like we don’t know each other…. like we are total strangers. I look at him and feel like crap, because I know I could easily be in his shoes. From the outside he looks like he takes care of his business as a husband and father, and from all indication doesn’t seem to have outside babes.

But I’m just addicted to Bose’s body. The sex is incredible and in all honesty, I’m not ready to just let it go like that. But I feel like one day I’ll get caught in the act. I’m hooked, and even if I tried to stop, all it takes is her request and I’ll come running back. I need advice. Do I need to move? Do I need therapy? I feel like I know the right thing to do, but I can’t get myself to doing it. Any advice will help.


  1. Wow…this is something. I commend him for having a conscience sha cause most people would say its not me she/he made a vow to. Openwriter…I'd say try and let this one go, it won't end well especially for you. Her hubby seems like a big powerful man and I don't think messing with his wife can result in anything short of bodily harm lol. Seriously, try and let it go…i don't know how else to tell you that it is a bad idea. Like you said, this could be you once you get your own wife. I wish you all the best sha, but don't contribute to this homewrecker's (I don't care if her husband is cheating or not giving it to her, she should work that out in her home instead of looking for thrills outside) indulgences. You are more than just a piece of meat…have some shame about yourself.

  2. Well, i think you are in a very dangerous position right now, because as much as the right thing to do will be stop, there is no telling whether she would try to blackmail you once you decide you are done with her just to keep herself safe from any embarrassment so at this point. So its up to you to make a decision one way or the other and brace yourself for whatever consequences come with it.

  3. Firstly, what goes around very often comes around, and like Newbie99 said, you don't want to mess with an influential man's wife, cos he could make your life hell. I wouldn't be worried about blackmail as long as you stop meeting up with her, because she would have to expose herself in order to expose you. And btw, I can't stop thinking of the fact that I grew up living pretty much across the street from Kabo hotel… lol!…

  4. Keep on!! that rich man will have your balls for dinner one of these days..all he needs to do is get a whiff of his pretty thang dipping out and you're toast.

    People talking about blackmailing–she should be the one worried about being blackmailed…She's the one married and to a 'big' man too.

    Shameless woman giving women everywhere a bad name. mschewww

  5. your title is misleading, it should read 'a married woman is fucking me' cos you are being used by this lady as she obviously controls the situation… i would advise you to run cos you are no different from a lady who is being fucked by a married man and goes back to his wife at night.

    all i can say is that chief must not catch you as i am very sure your mother loves you.

  6. This is one you might want to forget about. As they say, everyday for the thief one day for the owner and that day may not go so well. If you really want it to end, try changing your number at least that way she cant contact you and if you do see her in public with her man.. RUN!

  7. We don't know this ladies situation. Maybe she loves everything about her husband, but he is not giving her the goods. Maybe something has happened to him and he is no longer able to give her what she needs, but she still wants to be with him. Who knows?

    As for this young fellow, he should remove himself from the situation.

  8. Tales from moonlight. You guys decided to meet at the same suya spot and later on you dropped off in her big house. It's either she wallked to the suya joint and you drove or she didnt know how to drive even though she has got a big house. This story doesnt add up

  9. Fist of all, u made a mistake, not finding out who she really was b4 jumping into bed wit her cuz u wanted to taste her recipe b4 its gets sour. Traditionally religiously its an abomination b4 man n God.. My mom once told me, sleeping wit a marriead woman is like sleeping wit ur own mother. So cut every contact u have wit her now asap. B4 u spend ur whole life in regreat.

  10. bros, comot eye now!! av u heard of magun, a witchcraft spell placed by dis olowo men on their trophy wives without the women's knowledge? jus las year in an ibadan hotel man weh deh do d same ting somersaulted 1nce 2ce 3ce n den gbosa!! best believe dis olowo know oo, possibly yr padi don tell am for alikkle kudi, bros no teh 4 dat toto o, waka far now!!

  11. you ve not had a very strong conviction about what you doing,cos if you do,you dont need anybody to tell you to flee on seeing her,it takes alot of divine help from God to resist a naked woman,trust me thats why there is an option boy,take to your heels and run away from her,and remove her from your thoughts,i think you will okay with the running option.

  12. your story is a bit funny but i know it is real.Almost everyone likes FREEBIES.If you dont want this to repeat itself when you are married to your wife,then you have to put a stop to it all.It involves your DETERMINATION-that's all

  13. Is not that difficult if and only you really want to stop. First of all change your mobile number. Secondly, relocate if the babe knows where you are residing. Thirdly, find a beautiful single lady to hook with….

  14. Guy. I understand you perfectly well. My piece of advice is that you should get a gurl you can show your true love. If you are emotionally accountable to someone, there will be some form of constraint. Let Bose know your gurl as soon as you hook up with someone you can really love. Peace!

  15. what is ur age pls? I think ur addiction is due to ur present condition. If u re buzy doing something important that is so preciouse to ur future, something like this will never come ur way. There's adage says; Devil find job for idle hand……….

  16. Hey, i feel you cos i know a couple of guys addicted to sex with other peoples girlfriends. I know its all sin But… your case is slightly different.

    There are a million and one curses in the bible concerning adultery. You should be very afraid. That alone should make you stop messing with somebody's wife.

  17. Run while you haven't been caught. There is a saying in Yoruba " Ojo gbogbo ni ti ole, o jo kan ni to ni nkan" (Everyday is for the thief, one day is for the owner).

  18. Boy, I dont envy you o! You've sown seeds that will grow and unfortunately, no matter what you do to make amends, it'll come back to you. Either some jobless guy'll be doing your wife or your daughter! Sorry…

  19. thank God u're an adult, meaning u should know right frm wrong, my advice is dt u should change ur line and relocate, then get a lovely lady to settle wt,, best of luck

  20. U better pray to God to help and Guide tru all dis cos what u r doing nw may be sumting dat will affect u later part in life. pray to God to help u.

  21. On the feminist side

    I am loving this so now y'all can see that its not just girls that follow married men, this woman wants to feel young again thats why she has a master (……as in mistress ). Oh cmon kini big deal na today.

    On the other side:

    O boy i cut hand for u sef o, just straf the woman for big house u no fear? Anyway sorry to say this but u no go fit stop again, from the way wey u dey talk sef, even if the woman discharge u, u wont enjoy sex with a normal babe again or have a normal relationship with a normal girl again. Here are some tips though, replace f'ing someone's WIFE with F'ing someone's GIRL FRIEND for the mean time, before u fix this psychological disorder as u might be wrecking a home.

    Omo i be young girl but these cougars bad, they hot pass us sef as they fit afford any clothes, make-up, spa wey dey like. Check thisday style na, na dem full there!!!!

  22. Boss… i hail oo… but yr playing with fire… as in… the end of this thing cannot be good…. the end of it will definitely be filled with pain. All i can say? Get out of her environment and FAST!!


  24. If you are not the only one would that make you stop…you have to ask yourself what would need to happen to make you stop. Would you have to get caught and beaten up to stop or what!

  25. Guy, run away ohhh , run cos i swear if u get nabbed that is the end ohhh! its not worth loosing your life,

    That is all i have to say.

  26. My friend carry go Jare!

    Notn dey happen! Mamaram well! If dem catch u na only ya dik dem co cut! Life goes on without dik!

    One day u go marry and small small boys go help u rock ya own den u will see how gud it feels!

    Useless He-goat!

  27. Guy, it seems you need a lobotomy!

    I know it aint easy to cut off this 'strong habit,' so you are on your own o!

    Wen the rainfall stops, don't ever cry about the drought that's imminent, especially the 'hunger' and consequent 'death.'

    Nor mind my grammar, na your parols wey carry weight well well cause am …mumu!

  28. please my brother just change your phone number stay off communication for what you are doing deep in your heart you know it is not right. what goes around comes around.


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