I Will Do Anything For Love (But I Wont Do That!); But What’s That?

Let's enjoy the mini humor :)
Let's enjoy the mini humor :)
Let’s enjoy the mini humor 🙂

Love is strong! Very strong a lot of times. But what we call love a lot of times might not be love but just a deep emotion of infatuation or dependency. Regardless we can all agree that ‘Love’ is a very weird thing and can bring out things in us that we didn’t think were in us.

Love surrounds us from the moment we’re able to like a girl or a boy till the day we die. We’re either in love, hate love, want love, worried about not finding love, or just giving up on love. Weird right? Yea. What’s even weirder is the lack of formula for love. No one really knows love true and true.

A lot of times we’re not 100% aware of what we are capable of, when in love. As being human beings, we all have limits to what we can naturally do. Something or some line that we cannot cross in the name of love. Everyone is different and will have different thresholds but in a weird twist some people do not know exactly what they cant do for love and with who?

In different relationships I’ve done different things for people in the name of love. Will I do those same things again? Heck no. Or maybe I will. I’m not in even sure. I might even do more sef or less. I really just don’t know for sure, but I do know what I’m definitely not going to do.

It’s very easy to follow lyrics or romantic songs where people die in the name of love, or cross mountains and valleys, or freeze to death (in the case of titanic), and if you can’t do such extremes, does that mean you don’t have true love? For some others, just a simple insult is enough to send them out of the relationship without looking backwards. Do they love less? On the flipside some people will go as over and beyond. Stay in an abusive relationship, disown their families, give up all their money, kill another person or in some cases even kill themselves in the name of love. You name it, some will do it. It’s the power of human emotion.

Now let’s get to the question: What wont you do for love? What’s the ultimate no no? The ultimate “Lai Lai“; Can you stay in an abusive relationship? Stay with a cheating spouse? Can you fight your family for love? Can you give up all your money? Can you die for love? Can you take torture for love? Can you kill for love?

What can’t you do for love?

Quoting the classic MeatLoaf song, “I will do anything for love. But I wont do that.”…. But what’s that?

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