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They say birds of the same feather flock together and many times I feel like it’s true but in this instance I hope it’s not. So I’ve been dating this guy for a while, and for the most part he has been a great boyfriend. No real cause to complain, but my major issue is his friends.

His friends are all single, and they party way too much. Every weekend they are going to some club or another and always hanging with random club girls that only God knows what their eye is chooking for. I know my boyfriend doesn’t want anything else, but I feel like he’s always being exposed to easy loose girls by his friends that are single and still mingling. He never tries to keep me away from going out it with him, but most times I don’t feel like going out all the time so I let him go hang with his friends.

Sometimes I over hear the convos his friends have and they are always talking about some girl they smashed or want to smash and all their random escapades. One time they were talking about a girl I knew, and you need to hear how they just disrespecting the girl because she slept with one of them a few times. Are these the kind of friends I want my boyfriend hanging around?

I have tried to encourage him to hang out with more guys who are in relationships or married but he says “They are dry and boring, and never want to do anything.” I don’t understand what he means by that. Is it cos they don’t go out partying all the time? or that they’d rather go to a play or a movie than playing video games with the “homies” and discussing babes?

I feel like his friends are trying to get him to be single again and exposing him to all the things that are out there.He might be good now, but I feel like one day he’ll realize he doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore, and leave me. Or even worse that one of those skanky girls will get their paws on him, and make him cheat.

How do I keep him from hangout with his single friends all the time? I feel like if a guy is serious about a relationship he should be hanging a lot with single friends. Isn’t that distracting? Or am I just being ridiculous?

I’ll appreciate any advice and insight.


  1. You’re on a long thing trying to get a guy to stop hanging out with his friends. Get over your insecurity and suck it up or leave.

  2. please stop being such a brat. So what he want to hang with his friends? You already said he invites you. The best thing you can do is be more fun.

  3. I was somewhat with you until “Or even worse that one of those skanky girls will get their paws on him, and make him cheat.” If he cheats, it’s because he wants to. It’s not as if the babe will tie him down and mount him.

    Chances are, if he’s doing all the things he did before he was single, he still wants to be single. This is easy math.

  4. Hey babe. I feel your plight. I won’t say other people’s comment are trash. Well every piece of the puzzle matters. So u can as well learn one or two from what everyone has said.. But I think I’ll have to agree with the scond comment by TOLA.. Well. To be sincere with you. There are somethings u can’t stop a guy frm doing. If he chooses to hang out with his friends well fine. But u’ve got to respect the fact that. He informs u about it and also invites u.. Few guys will actually do that since they know they want to go out there to have sex. But he’s inviting to u let u knw he’s just going out there to have fun.. But as the TOLA as said. If u still feel insecure about this. Then always accept his invitation and go with him. Maybe that will help. And on the other part which is you own part. You can still also try talking him out of the incessant partying. But remember u can’t stop hiim from hangin out with his friends. That will seem more like u hovering around him and his friends won’t definitely share in ur own plight and they will probably think differently.. So the ball Is right in ur court..

  5. please my friend what i we tell u now is this i think u need to be more social if u really love that guy just as u say if u really want to keep him

  6. Hey babe!!! Are u guys married or few days to get married? If u guys have not yet tied the nuptial knots, then, your boyfriend is still officially single. But then, let trust guide u and close some blind eyes over somethings before u make him feel u wanna take him from his friends. Honour his IV always and hang out! Don’t u wanna have fun?

  7. The insecurity of this lady is making my skin crawl. My goodness!!! It’s called a relationship not a prison sentence. He has not cheated, not because he doesn’t know there are other people out there, but because he likes his relationship. This is how people pour sand in their own garri. Everything is going fine and you want to enslave him with your insecurities, and then when he leaves you’ll say “there are no good guys out there”. He’s not suddenly going to realize that there are other poke-able girls out there by living his life as he always has. In case you don’t know, he knew that before your relationship, and he still, and will forever know that, and he is still in the relationship despite all that. How you don’t understand based on those facts that he wants to be in a relationship is beyond me. From all indications, and I say this with love. What you are looking for is a pet or a puppet (all in all, its still a pet 😀 ) to be controlled and not a boyfriend/ mate/ partner or whatever term is used these days. You have to be more secure in yourself and what you are bringing to the table and recognize your value. He probably see’s your value, it’ll be nice if you saw it too.

    Signing out Eyan Nla aka Dr. Phil Good PHD-tv


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