To My Future Wife, I Write…


A kiss on the cheek

Dear Future Wife,


Too many times I have read and heard that whoever finds a wife has found a good thing, so I’ve had to look under rocks and break several locks just to find you. For too many reasons, I believe that the most beautiful things in life are not seen, and like a maniac insomniac, I’ve been a few steps away from staying awake to dream of you, ‘cause all my life, I’ve had to fall asleep to see you. People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so please don’t be surprised when you see a pair of glasses on my face, just in case my natural eyes fail me, I still won’t miss a thing. I cannot afford to.


Come with me on a quick walk to where I’ve been, hopefully that would clear some doubts, shine some lights and let you know and understand some of my actions when they come. I was raised by queens who have set standards, not only by what they say but also by how they live. I may have seen many indomie-generation ladies around to make me sing out the lyrics of Joe Thomas’ “Good Girls” as a special number every single morning, but for a dying believe that if my father was the luckiest man on earth to have had my mother, and the men who married my sisters didn’t fall from the sky, then I cannot be an exception to having an adorable lady like you.


All through school I have had many teachers but the best of them all, nobody knew about him or ever saw him. His name is EXPERIENCE. He didn’t have to teach me because I was frivolous. No, I wasn’t. He had to because at some point, like anybody else, I saw a shoe, thought it would fit, tried it on, only to walk a few meters and realise that there is more to a shoe than the fit. You know the way life is; like a book, the cover can be misleading. You often have to read a few pages before you decide if it’s worth your time or not. Maybe you wish I didn’t have to but have you ever heard that emotions have zero IQ? There seems to be this enmity between feelings and discernment, so when people say that the first love is the sweetest and the first cut is the deepest, I say, it’s not about who did it first, it’s about who did it right. Whoever works out and makes it all worth it is the best and the sweetest. So here comes the great task, a conscious decision not to be another used-to-be. It takes a lot of effects to stay true to one’s words, and never get blown away by the tradewinds of time. And come to think of it, maybe I would never really appreciate my pearl, if I have never cast it before swans that trampled on it. If some seeds didn’t fall by the wayside, upon the stony places and among thorns, maybe I would never recognise a good ground when I get to one. So if you are the messiah, we would never have to wait for another.


Holding-on is sometimes the hardest thing to do, but your curtain and door is worth waiting for. I’ve learnt that patience is such a vital key and I’ve waited so many storms until it seems a part of me. So every night before I close my eyes, I say a prayer instead into the skies; that if you do not come tonight, I’ll be waiting in the morning light. And to count the day that’s just begun, it’s one that brings me closer to bringing you into my house, to make it a home. If that doesn’t come today, I’ll be waiting for it anyway. For I know the time is oh so near, mist is fading and the future is clear. And should it take a million years? When it happens, I’ll be standing here; and your smile would have been worth the wait. Free, at last, you’ll forever be mine. And I’d find the grace to treat you right, like a princess that you are – my mother, the queen showed me how, …to put you in the spotlight, sing you like the biggest hit, and win you much more than a Grammy Award. I’ll be committed, like a crime, to a zero-to-life of love and care, joy and peace with you. Just keep turning heads, knocking them dead as they drop like flies around you. Get ready to play these re-runs like a TV show and let the whole world know how you cross the highway of fast thoughts in my mind without an overhead bridge.


Don’t be a better-half, I’m not looking for one. I need you to fill in the gap in my sentence with a word/phrase that “best completes” it; my sentence without you is incomplete, so beautify and give meaning to it. I have chased one thousand, so let’s chase ten thousand together. Remember, that it takes two to make heat; if only these pillows could talk, they would tell you how much they want to be free from my grip every cold night. So come come, save them from me, and save me from Indomie Noodles.


But when you come, wherefore take unto you the whole armour of LOVE, that you may be able to withstand in the MISUNDERSTANDING day, and having done all to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with PATIENCE, and having on the breastplate of COMMITMENT; and your feet shod with preparation of the gospel of CONTENTMENT. Above all, taking the shield of TRUST, wherewith you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of intruders; and take the helmet of RESPECT, and the sword of DETERMINATION.


Help me bear the best children, build the happiest home with me and together we will live the sweetest life. The least thing today can do is to make me love you more than yesterday but the best it can is to let me love you less than tomorrow. I’d admire your shine more than a mirror, even as you reflect in my heart. And if the glare makes me hard to find, you will never be alone, ‘cause I’m parallel to the other side. With your hand in my hand, there’s no place we couldn’t go. We’ll pull through every time and season; we just have to stay strong for each other.


If I were a goalkeeper, my heart would be the net. Time and distance are the players that hit you at me like a ball, then be sure that the net will always be shaking, ‘cause I will always be missing the ball.

If I were a painter, I’d paint a picture of us somewhere on a private island making love.

If I were a pirate, I’d discover you for me like a treasure.

If I was a dream, I’d allow every good dream you dream come true.

If I were a promise, then you could bet that every promise made to you will be kept.

If I was a magician, then you’d have no fear. ‘cause I’d just snap my fingers and make your worries disappear.

If I were a preacher, my sermon would be about how God opened up Heaven and rained you on me.

If I was a doctor, I surely would give you something for your pain that would make you feel real good.

Now if I were a psychic, then our love would last forever, ‘cause I’d go into the future and prevent all arguments from coming to pass.

If I were feeling down baby, really going through a lot, and all friends are gone, I know that I can count on you.

If I could blink my eye and be a giant eagle in the sky, I would stoop down; fly you straight to Heaven and dance with you while the angels sing. I’d ask you to marry me and give you the sun for a diamond ring.

If I could, I’d do so much more than these…


I can change the world but I can’t do it by myself. I can touch the sky, but it’s going to take somebody’s help. Be the chosen one, it’s about to rain, I can see the signs. I want to save the broken hearts, but I am a writer, not a doctor. This Pen without that stethoscope would falter. So as I heal with words, you give the drugs. And if I could pick a number out of many, you‘d always be my number one. If you’re the only gift I ever get every year every Christmas, then everything I wish for has come true. You are the single item on my list. You’re my one and only Christmas wish. The mistletoe is where I’ll be waiting, meet me there.


Yours lovingly,



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  1. It’s nice, but I think you got caught up in your own writing and began putting down those awful cliches. The middle art was fantastic, the begining: mediocre, and the end? Really horrible. Those cliches ruined it, could barely read it through, you definitely can do better. Cheers

  2. Kiz, I think you being too over-critical. If you read between the lines and you’d realise that this is a story. It may not apply to you but the writer has written it as it applies to him. There’s absolutely nothing mediocre about the first part, it’s rather sincere.
    Maybe you have a point with the clichés though. But to you they are, to others they may not be.

  3. @kiss, okay, maybe the begining(first few sentences were a bit above mediocre, but the write u was littered with woeful similes, poorly thought out comparizons and yes, those cliches. I had to ask myself “were they absolutely necessary?” They made an already lenghty prose even longer and did not add value to the work, no just because they reeked of lack of originality and creativity, but they also had that “you are the sugar in my tea” itch. Overall tho, the writer has immense potential, yes he did write some amazing similies and draw a few impressive comparisons. He has some growing to do(on his writingg I mean). Sorry for this rather lenghty epistle.

  4. Lol. @Kiz, I get you. You have a point actually. Especially with the “were they really necessary?” part. Your opinion. And i respect that you are sharing it. That’s why I feel free sharing mine about the article and your comments. I really don’t know your experience in writing. Or if you’ve done anything that can be used as a yardstick for this. But all in all, I still think you’re over-critical on this. Cheers.

  5. @kiss, about yardsticks, we are all growing and critique plays a huge part in the growing process. If we go all sweet and soft on him, he’ll become complacent and not feel any real need to improve, afterall “his readers said his work was fantastic without any flaws(real or imagined)”. He needs to cut out all unnessary garbage in his writing and be more creative in his comparisons and use of literary tools. I hope you get my point. Cheers again.

  6. I do. I believe in criticism too. It’s part if it. And i must say yours is quite constructive and positive. That’s rare from readers these days. You just might wanna be a bit careful with your choice of words when you criticise. So it doesn’t look like you’re pulling down somebody else’s hard earned intellectual property. The writer must improve, we all have to. He’s done his best. He can get better. If he relents after this, then he’s not fit for a throne. Just like anyone of us too. Cheers again and again.

  7. @kiss, erm… About choice of words, sometimes the best criticisms are those served up straight. If I soft-pedalled, I would not be giving the writer the respect he deserves by telling him the truth about his work. Only kids need sugar-coating to avoid hurting their fragile feelings and I assume that the writer is not one. Cheers once more.


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