Five Most Annoying First Date Questions



First dates are awkward already. The fact that you’ll be meeting a somewhat stranger for the first time in an intimate setting is already weird enough. We definitely don’t want to complicate things and make it more uncomfortable by asking silly annoying questions, or questions that quite frankly just cross the line.

1. What Do You Do For Fun?

Yes I know, it’s an easy conversation starter, blah blah blah, but it’s also very unoriginal. Asking me what I do for fun is like asking me what I eat. It all depends on the day and the moment. No one really expects to me to list all the things I do for fun do they? So I give them the standard answer, “I’m open to anything fun.”

2. What Kind Of Guys Do You Like?

So what if by some chance I end up describing a guy that’s the complete opposite of the guy I’m on a date with. Is that wrong? Would that be mean? That’s how I feel when a guy asks me that question. It’s like a set up. So if I’m on a date with a 9-5 guy and he asks me this question, I’ll just tell him I typically prefer dope boys, and 19 guys. Maybe that’ll make him feel better.

Tip to guys, don’t ask question you don’t want to hear the answer to.

3. Why Are You Single?

*Takes a deep breath*

Uhmmm.. Why are YOU single? People are single for one or two reasons. The last person they dated was a jerk, or they haven’t found the right person. It’s like asking why is the sky blue? It just is. It’s such an annoying question, yet it’s so common on first dates. You wouldn’t believe the number of people that ask this question. Maybe out of nothing else to ask. Standard answer next time? I’m single because I’m not in a relationship.

4. When Last Did You Have Sex?

Talk about crossing the line. I was on a date with this guy one time, and we were really enjoying ourselves, talking laughing, and there I was thinking “this might be the start of something special”, and then he just blurted out, “When last did you get some?” Excuse me. Just cos I’m laughing with you doesn’t mean you can just cross the line like that.

It’s definitely not a first date question, and sends out the signals that you’re after one thing. I mean what if I’m a virgin (not like I am, but still). That’s just inappropriate, and needless to say I deleted his number once I got home.

5. What Went Wrong Between You and Your Ex?

This is one of those questions again where someone is crossing the line for a first date. Do you really expect me to sit and tell you all about my last relationship? Common son, you really didn’t just ask that. It’s annoying already bringing up any kind of ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend topic, but to take it a step further to ask what went wrong is just invasive and quite frankly pretty lame.

I know some people might ask naively, but it’s not a good look. Standard response to this is to say “nothing went wrong”, and sit back and enjoy that confused look on their face.


That’s all folks. Do I sound bitter and annoyed? Maybe. Just thinking about these annoying questions make my blood boil. Let’s hear it from you guys though, what are the most annoying questions you’ve gotten on a first date.

Peace out. Jummai!



  1. An intelligent person won’t find them offending, simply dribble around it. The asker must have reasons for asking. Don’t encourage readers to show low level iq by getting pissed by those questions, encourage intelligence.

  2. I agree with Grant. I know some of the questions are annoying but I do think they are necessary… well except the one about sex. That’s just crossing the line


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