Eww… You actually turn me off

Turn Off

Apparently the last post was such a doozy, that jaguda.com might as well change my name to Ms. I just dont give a sh**. But then again, new post, new beginnings.

Moving on.

Have you ever liked/crushed on a guy/girl so much, you already build up this fantasies about your future relationship with him/her and all the rainbows and butterflies that come with romance, even before anything happens? Then when the person starts showing feelings towards you, you get turned-off. Not because you have commitment issues (thats another wahala), but because you discover the person in reality, is a real let down. Meaning, certain things they do or say turns you the F off.

The one that gets me the most is poor hygiene. You name it; bad breath, body odor, unkempt everything. Its terrible, how hard is it to shower at least once a day. Sometimes when I’m around such people, i just want to say, ” you know walmart sells 99c deodorant right?” or “do you realise i might pass out because your breath smells” . So what’s the deal with that musty post puberty smell? Just imagine, you fancy somebody, whether it is in a gathering or even on facebook or even through mutual friends. When you finally get to meet the person, you discover he is part human, part sewer resevior . What a big shame.

Ok, lets hear it, what is your turn-off? Bad kisser, Agressive/bossy people, or overly emotional ones, razz people, or ajebutters… etc


  1. razz girls…are not down too earth sexy..they are just plain razz, and it turns me off. I like my ladies classy. poor hygiene too.

  2. i said i was going to boycott all post by this author, im sure some did too.. but i got to give this one to her..its funny alright.

  3. When he calls me by my full name it turns me off… my name is emma and i love it wen he calls me em but wen he says emma i want him to get the f**k away from me

  4. everything….body odor, bad breath, razz guys, the ones that try to form, men with he-goat looking beard, agressive/bossy guys. don't get me wrong, no one is perfect but i can say i prefer metrosexual guys.


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