Down On My Knees? Got To Be Kidding



DOWN ON  M Y KNEES? You got to be kidding


Listening to the lyrics of this song, “down on my knees” by ayo, about a young lady whose boyfriend/fiancé is about to walk out on, with the poor sister trying to avert the inevitable citing the good times, the thick and tough, the love, the fun, the happiness, the romantic moments they both once shared and not ready to face the reality of it all now a thing of the past.

It was well sang, pure rendition with great emotions by this talented beautiful sister that the imagery of this imagined once sweet love journey turning sour appeared so real to me that I felt so appalled at the sight of watching this fellow hopeful young lady hanging in there at the guy’s pants looking up to him in tear-filled eyes waiting to hear him assure her this really ain’t true and it’s all jokes.

Thinking how nauseating it is to see that lady wailing and not waking up from this wishful thinking dreams of hers and me being furious at the lengths at which we sisters go to keep our relationships to subdue the constants external and internal storms rocking it and I also betting on my life never to hold on to a brother who does not care about my feelings,my self worth and not to talk of going down on my knees.

Realistically, I know a lot of fellow sisters are nodding their head in unison approval to not trying to redeem the unredeemable like the picture painted by ayo in this soulful music but fact fully a lot of us are really  down on our knees, now  it seems a lot of  sisters are kind of cross at me.

We really have to ask ourselves, about that guy whose job seems so important that we come secondary but we make excuses by saying,” He is just career focused, he’s going to change”, the emotional, verbally and physically abusive guy that  we keep covering in front of our girlfriends and folks all the  time saying,” He isn’t an aggressive guy, he never meant  to hit me, he was just a little bit pressured and just went overboard, is he that brother who  washes down our self esteem to our face and in the  presence of his buddies and we keep saying he never really meant all he was saying, he just took too much beer and that was what got him tipsy.

Sisters, should I still keep believing his lies about that call he can’t pick in my presence saying it is his niece and it is all family business, should I be putting up with his bull craps about not ready to introduce me to his mama after relentless pestering for 2 years but he kept telling me he ain’t ready to settle down now cos  nkan o ti jo rawon(things haven’t taken their desired shapes) ok,it will when I clock 34 I believe.

Girlfriends, is it that couch potato who refuses to get his weight up, (I mean his wallet not on the scale) after being out of work due to the recent economic recession but now sits idle watching soaps and not trying to get another one. I kept working my butts off caring for him and I said it all about love after 12 months, I can even hear some sis saying haba that one too long sef.

I fuel his car, I pay his bills, I still got him the ecko,the izod,the Ralph,the polo and y’all did not think it is time position changes and I go straight to the door opening it ajar leading him out..

That guy that cheats on me and I kept saying he is only having his fun for now, he will change when we get married, I can hear you saying only if there is any marriage afterwards. The G strings in his closet, the lipstick stain on his shirt collar, the feminine call he never allows me to pick, our every decision presided by his mama, the cook up stories about official meetings and deluge of excuses I kept soaking in  that garbage ,putting up with the jack ass, (Sorry about my language, no mind me).

I think it is better I wipe the tears off my face before it blinds me off the reality of the bold writings on the wall and let me stop fooling myself, praying and ending up perishing because of my lack of knowledge, Now before throwing down the drain my hard earned money on this good looking but integrity flawed brother.

Am sorry my sis, levels don change, I don pass that grade, I am not on my knees no more, for real I am at the door showing that my so called “Mr. endowed” the way out. No more gamesssssssssssssssssssssss


    • @ segun,thanks for the compliments,i really saw it below standard of my self critique article delivery but thanks for the love.serves as a motivation

  1. I would say that the first time I heard the music, i felt the same that you feel and I support your article.

    However, I would just say that in support of AYO, she stated in one of her interviews "down on my knees" was all the things that she wanted to say in the relationship that she never did. As in, she said- paraphase- I was too stubborn and never really let him know how much I actually loved him. I guess she wanted the song to be the other extreme of how she had been in life.

  2. Great article….

    fire fire fire…..

    well, believe it or not these things happen to men as well eh…..

    I'm not gonna lie about it, ive been in a situation where i loved this girl so much that there was nothing i couldnt do for her and i couldnt see any wrong in her despite all the things she'd do (cheat etc)…..

    She hurt me real bad but i had to pick myself up and move on, but it was really bad….. i felt my life would end……

    Deep scars like that leave people having trust issues and unable to even love eh….. we r not all created equal but there's nothing time, hope and the trust in God doesnt heal…..

    I believe guys are more prone to being a$$es though…. pardon my…..

    so respect to the woman/man who finally realises that "one cant keep beating a dead horse" and finds the strength to get out of the whole mess, respect to the guy/woman who treats a woman/man like they should be treated and makes something beautiful from the union of 2 people…..

    That said, we r who we are and the best we can do for ourselves and aorund us is to be true to what we stand for….

    Lovely read at Ayomidamope….

    Ayo e a de Da mo ope….


    • @i talk,thanks for the props,i just assume it is high time we wake up and let's get things real,live to really value ourselves and realize our true source of joy can only be derived from loving ourselves first.To have these wordy comments like this for a broda like u sharing ur own past experiences is huge.thanks and remain blessed.i have an article coming up which will probably be in series.i only wish will deem it fit to publish and we could all rob minds on it this january

  3. There's really no point begging a guy/babe to stay or leave you…unless of course you were in the wrong and (s)he deserves an apology.

    Once a person's mind is made up, he might stay for just a few more years, months or days just because you begged 'don't leave me'. (S)he will eventually leave.

  4. Lovely article,@ekundayo and all,i wish i read this a little earlier than now,i would had known better.buh no regrets.i know better now.thanks


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