Day & Night; Abuja Babes


My people oooo… How I go even start this one sef? No other way, but to just enter the thing immediately. Abuja babes. Abuja don show me strong thing for this life o. The things I saw in Abuja have permanently changed the way I look at any babe that lives in Abuja, goes to school in Abuja or goes to there a lot.

I entered ABJ on a thursday afternoon to run some errands in the city, and I figured I might as well stay there through the weekend. Heck, I grew up not so far away from Abuja but had never really paroled the city, checked out the clubs, bars, attractions, etc. I was on vacation, and had nothing better to do.

As I started touring the city, I was amazed at the caliber of babes I saw around. Fine, correct looking babes… nice body, pretty face, sophisticated looking… ah ah… most of the babes I saw were on point. Those that know me personally and keep tabs of my facebook status can remember me updating my facebook status a couple of weeks ago to “Abuja babes are creme`.” As far as I was concerned, Abuja had the best babes I’d seen in Naija, and I’ve been to a lot of places in the country. Igbo babes o, Yoruba nko, Edo, Fulani, Calabar, Plateau babes, Mak-Town babes o. All of them you can find in our capital city. Orishirishi, as our Yoruba people would say. Little did I know that there was a good reason for the finest collection of babes from around the country to be in Abuja.

Night time came, and awon boyzes were ready to hit the city hard. Boyz had decked up with their finest yankee baffs, and I was ready to start blowing fone` to any babe I decided to toast that night. First we decided to enter this spot called Ibiza. Omo as we were pulling up to the club nah so I see babes everywhere… it had to be about 100 nice looking babes standing outside with skimpy outfits and all. At first I thought maybe the club was about to be popping that night, and we were reaching our first and final destination for the night, but out of no where, a couple of babes approached the car and started pressing their boobs on the window. Na wa oooo… boys just confuse. You mean to tell me that all these babes outside are asewos. Wow. I wont lie, out of curiosity me and my guy decided to talk to one babe, and I was just amazed at how well-spoken and intelligent she sounded…. I know asewos can be educated too, but my normal line of reasoning when it comes to asewo is razz, pretty local, and just an anyhow babe… forgive my ignorance abeg. The babe said she goes to Uniport (another dangerous school), and was just hustling for money while out of school. According to her, it’s a normal thing to do when school is out. I just weak man. The shock on my face was so visible that my guy told me to stop acting like a JJC. No shaking now… make we enter another spot… maybe it’s just that area that asewos hangout. Or is it?

We rolled out to another spot and on the way there, I just kept on seeing babes on the street standing around, and waiting for cars to stop. It’s like everywhere was filled with asewos. A lot of babes wore low cut tops and had rubbed vaseline or body oil on their breasts to create a shiny glow when cars beamed their headlights while driving by. Innovation I tell u. Finally we got to a club called “_________” (I no want trouble abeg), and it was free to get in so boyz entered the place…. we weren’t losing anything anyways. The spot was popping, the DJ was on point, and there were babes. Fines babes everywhere. I thought to myself  “ehe… now we don land.” I got myself a drink, and was ready to start blowing my fone` that I had been suppressing since I got to naija. I approached one babe to dance, and she just jelled immediately… no hesitation. Ahhh… my fine boy yankee swag must be working overtime 2nite. I danced with the babe for a while and then she told me that I seemed pretty cool, and asked me to come talk to her in the lounge area since the dance floor was too loud. In my mind, I was already thinking “kai… see correct abuja babes jelling for boyz… not like those Lagos girls that you have to beg to buy them drink…hiss.”

When we got to the lounge the babe was creating convo, and pretty much toasting me. Me sef I was feeling myself a lot… afterall, how many times do you get toasted by a Naija babe? I was still letting my head swell, when I heard “so how much you go drop for the night now?” I turned sharply to make sure she was the one that asked the question, and she asked again. Chei… Chineke mee ooo… See me feeling like one hot guy and nah asewo wey dey toast me as customer since. Talk about being chopped and screwed mehn. Just so I don’t give myself away as a JJC I just said one ridiculously low price that I knew she wouldn’t agree to, and she just hissed, got up and left. Na wa oo. Apparently that club is known for that. Most of the babes that go there are asewos looking for customers. That club nah correct “point and kill”.. or “cash and carry”…lol.

Next day I went to Ceddi plaza to watch a movie, and as I was buying tickets for the movie my guy tapped and pointed to one nice looking babe, and asked, “u remember that babe?”… “the babe from Uniport wey been dey chook breast on top our car last night.” I remembered the babe, and she was looking sophisticated, and on point as most Abuja babes do in the day time. Yesterday I would’ve said the babe was “creme`,” but today I know better. Abuja babes … Day & Night nah two different versions of the same book.

Disclaimer abeg: This post is not implying that all abuja babes are asewos.


  1. You know wat dey say bout bird of same feathers, maybe that's why ashawos flocked to you. I understand the fact dat u r sharing from personal experience , I don't understand the idea of what you are trying to imply: that Abuja girls are suspect or ashawos. Assuming someone who doesn't know much about abj and it's resident reads this, don't you think they would pick up on what u trying to convey and assume we are all ashawos. I don't blame you fool. Giving Nigerian women a bad rep on a Nigerian website. Is that the idea you want people to have of your mother, sister or daugther? Given that they are actually plenty ashawos, would u want them to be constantly defending themselves against been labelled one all because people like you cannot write and clarify little things. If you can't support us who else will.

    • Prosper,

      U Need to relax…The author wrote an article about what he personally experienced. You can’t blame him if he chooses to exercise caution when a girl tells him they are from Abuja. If someone writes an article about witnessing the Muslims and Military in Bauchi killing each other, would you object to that as well. It is what it is. He clearly made it known that what he saw is probably not a reflection of all Abuja girls. If I were you, I would be outraged at the lack of action taken by Law Enforcement to curtail such actions. He brought light to an issue which clearly needs to be addressed. I am sure the author loves Nigeria as much as you do if not more and that is why he addressed the issue. I remember having a discussion with some fellow Nigerians about how some people in Nigeria couldn’t afford to have 3 meals a day. You remind me of the lady who told me that what I was saying was rubbish and not true. Even going as far to tell me that Ishould be ashamed of myself for saying such that what if some none Nigerians heard what i said. There in lies the problem DENIAL.. You must first acknowledge a problem exists before a solution can be put forward..

    • Ok…Prosper you are being ridiculous. IMO the author doesn’t even owe anyone a disclaimer. This is an entertainment website, not a news network that needs to report numbers, facts and figures or cite sources. Therefore I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that he was merely narrating HIS experience in Abuja, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

      If he decided to add a disclaimer, its because he knew there were more ignoramuses like you who will come out of the woodwork and act all voltron. People need to know what battles to pick and unfortunately darling, this is not one of them. If anything, he is bringing a situation that needs to be addressed to light, so maybe officials can work on it. I’m sure is not interested in sweeping important issues such as this under the rug; so your African-American friends can look through rose-tinted glasses at how “superb” and “ovation-magazine-ish” Nigeria is, knowing fully well that we are all deceiving our damn selves.

      After criticizing this article, I suggest you go attack all the bloggers linked to CNN for their personal views then. Truth is, Aribaba told us his reality of the situation (as quite a few other people have confirmed); so whether it is every babe in Abuja or not, this is not a personal attack against the state or its residents. ‘Cos when someone goes to Osun state and has the same experience, I certainly hope they would write about it too.

      So my dear Prosper, Mary Martyr of Abuja; I suggest you cry a bloody river and swim right across.

  2. I don't expect you to call abj girls perfect or anything, I only deem it as courtesy if you said the ones you saw or a considerable amount or anything just as long as it isn't generialized as just abj girls which fully implies all of of them. Even as pointless as Nigerian women vs American women article was, I couldn't fault it because the author had the desency of a disclaimer and made mention to his or her personal opinion on wat they've observed. Aribsba obviously lacks such writing etiquet. Jaguda please stop Hiring bad writers

  3. Aribaba is just stating facts based on his personal opinion. Let me add that. Me self, I was in Naija briefly sometime this year; it has been 6 years since I last smelt ABJ. And I heard there were new clubs and chill spots. As I enter Abuja, I decided to check out the night scene.

    Omo these girls are not playing anymore, see BABES for night. We drove around for a little bit and all I could recollect was the amount of girls. In fact there were "more girls than cabs,” it was that bad. Normally when you see caliber of girls outside clubs/bar dis kind 11pm, you would think the club is happening, but this time around it's ashys trying to grab from club customers. Clubs are no more safe grounds for hookups Oh.

    As I enter club ma self that one na different story. I was hanging out with friends the whole night, I noticed dis chick been dey eye me for corner but I didn’t bother…After we left that night I saw the girl standing outside all alone. So I walked up to her not knowing na ashewo. Immediately before I could even say a word, the girl just told me sharp sharp, "so are you ready? How much you wan drop?"

    Omo make you fear girls wey tell you sey dem dey abuja, especially the ones wey tell you say dem dey de go abuja for trips. Night trips could also mean ashy work.

    • Omo the things I been see for Abuja changed my life man… I'm sure it's not every babe in Abuja that is an Asewo, but I can't shake what I saw off my mind. Anytime I see Abuja babe nah this thing wey go enter my mind again.

  4. Wow Prosper must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But in any case, as the author did clearly specify that this is what he experienced on his trip to Abuja, i don't see why it is wrong for him to post about it. What, you want him to keep shut about it like they keeping shut about government corruption and every other thing going on in Nigeria? If this is how he feels, i feel he should be able to express himself however he wants to. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean he should re-think what he writes.

  5. wow what an experience but unfortunately they have ashawos every where and because they do doesnt mean you caterorize every good looking girl in Abj as one. in every state in the World we have the good, the bad and the ugly.just the same ways we have the ashawos who say they are hustling for money. you really had a horrible experience thou i must say. when i came back to Nigeria last xmas i was pretty surpised myself. i saw alot of degrading outfits some girls wore.they watch alot of american video and movies thinking thats how pple down down dress lol.little do they know it is just a way to promote the business. you dont have to be naked to be noticed. a girl can wear a pair of jean and a dressy shirt and look classy and sophiscated and still be noticed. its all about the way you compose yourself

    • Very true Ada… However I have never in my life seen sooooo many girls standing on the street outside looking for customers. It was just so open and out there.

  6. The disclamer was put after I mentioned it. Thank you jaguda. I introduced my coworker this site after a certain controversial article e she's african American and since then she's been Reading the site. She is the one hat first read this and told me she didn't know abj girls are known for prostitution. Of course I had to decode some of the pidgin but that was what she got out of it after reading it so it ticked me off.

  7. This Prosper chic/guy you are sounding a little too defensive here, is there something you wish to disclose to us? I mean is there something we all need to hear ? Cos I don't understand why you are taking this way too personal… if you are so bugged out about this article, I think you could just shut down your PC/laptop. There was a very clear disclaimer at the bottom of the article that should take care of angry people like you. I don't know where you get the idea that all Nigerian articles have to be positive! There is no perfect place including ABUJA..The writer was just sharing an innocent experience so pls deal with it or get lost!

  8. yes d fastest growing city in Africa has a whole different definition to Ashewo, am thinking gold diggers gone wild. ABeg tell us d club jare….


  9. This is what i keep saying about our fellow, shall i saw, slow naijas…they read an article..cant decipher whether its an op-ed, satire, fact-reporting or just a a blog entry about one's personal experience.

    People just want to leave a comment and feel the need to spice it up with a heavy dose of the "right moral outrage"…psschew! hypocrisy at its highest form.

    Abeg, Aribaba continue with your articles jare. As a woman, I am pretty disgusted but not suprised that there is a flourishing prostitution market in Abuja. Afterall, its all about demand and supply. You for put pictures naaaa! lol

    While you are it, pls go to Lagos…where sooooooooooooooooooooooo many girls think they should dress like hoochie mamas, chicken heads, etc and guys…u sef…ah ah na every music video wanna-be thug you must follow the dress sense?

    Like someone pointed out, the koko of this article should be that this kind of behavior is allowed to openly occur and there's not much the "relevant" agencies are doing about it.

  10. I had the exact same experience when I was in Abuja as well. Pretty chics full ground but comma dey inside am. Na wa oo. E no easy at all.

  11. LMAO! I don't mean to justify asewo-nism but these babes must survives na…na condition bend crayfish! Seriously speaking though, I wish those ladies didn't feel like they had to resort to prostitution as a means of earning a living. It's a sad situation!

  12. Bwahahahahhahaha! Why Prosper dey vex? Abeg drink cold ice water make e help coolu temper.

    Riri, I am definitely feeling this article. Sad that na how most ABJ babes don take portray themselves. And abeg o, I rep Uniport…no dey take style yab the school o jare. LOL

    • Mgbeks… Now me and you know that Uniport babes are on a whole new level when it comes to this industry….lol.

  13. God Bless the ABJ "good evening Sir" babes…what would 'we' do without em?!!!…I here say DUbai worse pass–with Ethiopians, Indians and Phillipinas and even some Europeans babes locking the game down there..On my next place to 'visit' list…***evil grin**

    I don't even remember how to 'toast' a 'normal' babe now–I start to fidget and lack what to say :):):)

  14. I think it speaks to the state of that country if students who are supposed to be focusing on school are out on the streets prostituting themselves because they have no other means of financial support. I wont judge them cause i don't even know what its like to live lower class in Nigeria. This cycle of depravity has to stop.

  15. Its very degrading and unspeaking for a country like Nigeria that has alot of natural resources cant b able to provide for her citizens that they have to prostitute in oda to finance their education.GOVT WAKE UP TO YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    • Pet, help me tell them ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  16. I think it speaks to the lack of morals & values of the young ladies that litter the streets, clubs & lounges of Abuja. The truth is that a young woman can live a comfortable life without financing it with prostitution if she lived within her means; most of these prostitutes in Abuja are not the girls with the sob stories, selling their bodies to help raise their siblings or pay for school; they're the greedy ones who want to have the latest baffs and material things so they willingly exchange their bodies for it.

    But Aribaba which club are you trying to protect? Every spot in Abuja has asewos, from Safari to Toucanos, no matter how exclusive the place is supposed to be, there's always someone selling some ass.

    • Who are you to speak about their morals? Have you ever walked in their shoes? Yet its so easy for you to sit behind your air conditioned office/house and be the moral compass for people whom you know nothing about their struggles. Lived within what means? some of these girls dont even have means. Pls get off your soap box.

      • Uh shot the fuck already TAG, see even chicks confirm this with me that is all greed. 90% is all greed. u want a guy to buy u drinks, clothes, take u to nice places that u cant even afford on your own, things their own papa cant get them.

        Pardon me if i am in an AC house, drive a car and all that good stuff. I have been in the rough part of life too. I have worked for the white man serving food, cleaning and all the other crap. why de fuck didnt i carry drugs and brandish my money on your face.

        we all want to drive range sport but cant work 80hrs of the week. see there is difference in ashewo and a determined woman my fellow with the IQ of a frog. There are still women that use their pussy at work places and other professional setting but my oh my they know how to do it and damn good at it. They are even very intellecually smart. They can draw up a financial analysis for u and tell u how they built and empire. But does the f… one on the road know that ? They dont even know how to secure a husband. So please spear all that pity crap. it is all greed.

        • either way, poverty can be so real that it can drive people to desperation. anyways that being said so is HIV and poverty + HIV = short lifespan…, I'm not judging anybody but stating the facts. Also condoms fail approx 1 in 10 times – think about it

          On the whole, the situation in Nigeria and not just with prostitution, but the increase in crime and well as the MEND in Delta issues just show that the more that the country continues to fail our generation, the wasted lives we will continue to have 🙁

  17. Hey! I used to be an Abuja babe so watch it. Lol. Abuja is full of girls and it is UNTRUE that most of them are prostitutes. Yes, there are SOME girls that are call girls, or that are angling for money, but most girls are just there to have a good time. Abuja's nightlife is great and even though the city isn't as interesting as Lag, it's still a lot of fun.

    To class all the girls in Abuja prostitutes is beyond offensive. Just because the ones you ran into were doesn't mean we all are.

    • i strongly agree with you whoever you may be. people just conclude things without looking critically into the matter. are the ladies not doing it with other men? why are the men not blamed? we are too selfish,as a man i know we are.

  18. However things are man i bliv every person has a reason for everything it mite not be reason enough for most of us but it sure is a reason.

    But true true abuja babes r kinda intimidating i went to ceddi once now,as the regular jos babe i am i thot i was killing till sum babes kame outa no wer i had to move aside.

  19. it sounds soooooooooooooo strange, may be because i've lived a semi-secluded life i don't know but naija is full of many things so am not surprise.

  20. Omo guy I de feel ur blog man… Thos Abj babes are dangerous i swear. Its sad though that very pretty girls can seriously degrade themselves like that. But then again if you look at it from their side they are trying to make ends meet. Or are they? I mean have they explored all possible options that they have to result to asewo-rism or are they just lookin for a cheap yet very dangerous way out?

  21. At least she was up front… Leave her alone to do her business. You dont know her or her problems, I must say Im impressed you didnt pay, maybe if all men did that then such girls would be in another line of business… In the mean time; please lets not judge.

  22. i wouldnt say dats d rite tin 2 do but most of dis ladies are from poor families dat their parent cant even afford 3 square meals a day talkless of footing their bills in d university. i had a coursemate during my school days dat she is into it inorder to pay her bills in d skol. but as at 2day she is happly married. i would rather blame d govt for all d mischiefs for not providing adequate facilities for d citizens. SO PLS LETS NOT JUDGE THEM BUT LETS PRAY GOD SHOULD PROVIDE A WAY OUT FOR THEM.

  23. It is fascinating to see that just about everyone that stated 'I don't want to judge' finds it perfectly okay to avoid judging something as degrading, dangerous and immoral as prostitution… And in a bizarre twisted way are desperately trying to protect the people who commit it. Since when did the act of prostitution become something not worth judging? Hellooooo!?!?!… what happened to basic human morals and dignity? Not only is prostitution unacceptable under any circumstance, it deserves to be fully judged. We've all had our share of hardship, some more so than others, therefore to avoid judging, and tolerating prostitution is another way of saying it is an acceptable way out. I am quite aware that there are those who desperately need the money for a good cause and there are also those who are out to be greedy – the bottom line is, neither makes prostitution justifiable. These girls need to find other morally acceptable and safer ways out. Been there… Done that… moving on, but never succumbed.

    p.s. Well written article Aribaba, and an interesting read I must add… keep them coming!!!

  24. BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN AND HILARIOUSLY ENTERTAINING!!! Omo, i have to call my cousin now who schools in abuja, weytin she de do for the night?!?!?!?!!! LMAO

  25. Amazing !!! Thesame thing happened to me ! How weird is this ?! And I was going to write about thesame exact thing ! haha Aint life a B**ch.

    Me and my guy thought we tour round Abj since I just landed Naij…we drove…drove and drove ! As soon as we reached the main district of Abuja ..the Maitamas and co.. we saw wht we can only describe as BABES ! As in B.A.B.E.S ! They were fine as hell (not all of them though) but 80% have got to be in the top percentile of our beauty scale in naija ! All in their skimpy outfits ..just to poke fun at the weird ackward situation we were finding ourselves..we decided to stop and yarn with one of these babes ..she was well spoken and she was like 10K only because we were in this real fucked up car..we were still "pricing* when a jeep pulled up..and off she went!

    maybe realisin we were wasting her time !

    All in all..I was saddened !..And I was like..shiii…that could be my sister out there if life had turned out just a little bit differently !..unfair unfair life it is 🙁

  26. Guy u are very correct about Abuja babes. I must say ur story is true cos I knw all these about Abuja babes. Now breakdown of chics in Abuja: 70% are Ashewos, 20% are daughters of rich men and 10% are married women.

  27. A possible solution is to spread the gospel of contentment, in a quest to live up to the jones' they go about messing up themselves. We learn to live within the confines of morality and stop imitating……

  28. funny article. I’m planning a trip to 9ja in december and my first stop is ABUJA. May God helep mi. Nice disclaimer before u get in trouble.

  29. abeg, you for put that disclaimer on top. As a bonafide abuja babe; i have to display my shame & embarrassment for all the unfortunate babes who are whoring away themselves. It’s so sad but this is what greed has done to our society! every lady wants to the latest weave abi na lace front, the sexiest dresses, the hottest shoes, all these things cost money & na money these babes dey find!

  30. LWKMD! Dude I Almost Choked With Lafta!…… Teww Madd. Ehmmmm On A Crious Note Sha! Stop Am O.. I Am An Abuja Babe And Its Not Even Dat Bad But I Guess Since Youre New To the Town It Can Seem Daunting…
    No Judge Babes Abeg .. We De recession! …. LOL…

  31. o boy na true talk u talk so. if u no shine ur eyes well well, u no go know when u go sell ur trouser because of abuja babes.

  32. Not evri girl in ABJ is bad. i was born in ABJ and lived there for over 18 yrs. I personally did not do all the things u mentioned above . I think its girls from diff states that have messed up ABJ. it was not like dis b4.

  33. First of I don’t see why ur all bickering among urslf. Jay-gal is totally right as far as am concerned, I grew up both in lagos/VI to be precise and abuja and what I found out is that, there are real ashees in abuja but those dnt normally show their face in the afternoons. While the other types of gals in abuja falls into d catergory of creme/ runs gal which are d one most guys dat are visitors in abuja normally run into when they go out in the day time. I found out that needy/lowerclass gals who don’t have parental restictions attach themslves to daughters of the highly middle class/ high class and then work their way into the luxuarious life style of their friends by sleeping with males who they come across in their friends setting who are ofcos going to spoil them silly with things their father cld never buy them. This attachee who is now does runs with as many highly placed abuja guys that she can introduces her chick friend to hard core clubbing, partying, runs, even taking exqusite trips dat she thinks only her selfish rich parents have been taking alone. This is wat gave birth to the undistinguishable ashee/runsgal/ abuja chics. They have all mixed. But I tell u, if u really want to meet a good abuja gal, then look 4 the one who has never gone clubbing with a guy she just met under 24hrs and doesn’t sleep out.

  34. 70% are Ashewos, 20% are daughters of rich men and 10% are married women_ quoting J-gal, I know of gals dat are frm rich homes who r into dis stuff and they endup sleeping with all the friends in a particular group( am talking of 7 to 15 friends) just for the gain and fun they get frm it. I know of working class gals who are into dis and all they all looking for is a guy to payup their next rent and take care of some bill or the other. And there are more than enough married young women who can’t say no to the temptation of money and the luxurious life being thrown stark in their face. All I can say is I can’t really define abuja gals bcos the men here are the true ashewo who r using their money to cause all dis chaos. Unigwags gals (uniabuja gals)(cum_ gwalings) are jst another lot I can’t go into. But if u have a nice car, crib and looks like u have money to throw around, u might just end up sleeping with all the gals in a particulary dorm_room, groups, compound cos they will all be falling all over demslves just to get something good frm ur side. And I am not talking of ashees, am talking of gals that are next doors, some have fathers who used to be DG’s, minister, senators, directors, pastors. I guess parenting in this age of ours sucks


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