Cougar Hunting! 5 Benefits Of Dating An Older Woman


So news has hit the internet that 50 year old Vivica A Fox is dating former Nickelodeon star Robert Richard who is about 32. Read More. It puts her at nearly 20 years older than him. Yes it’s unconventional but it does still happen. So what are the benefits to dating an older woman? Here are some I’ve looked up… I’m not old don’t worry.

No Games


Older women know what they want, and they are pretty upfront and straight forward about it. They are not about “call him 3 days later” or the supposed rules of dating, etc. She likes you, she lets you know. She doesn’t, you’ll know also. Straight forward. No need to waste anymore time on little mind games and such.


Financial Independence


An older woman is more than likely to be with you for you, and not for any financial benefits. In today’s world where a lot of younger girsl are attracted to guys with money, an older woman is probably already financially independent and doesn’t need your money. Heck she might even be the one to loan you the odd 1 million naira you need.


Experienced In Bed


Chances are, she’s had more s*xual experiences than you, and she might be one to teach you a trick or two. You don’t have to beg her to try certain things as she’s probably already done it to you before you ask. Chances are the s8x is more rewarding to you. Especially if she’s in good shape.


Less Emotional Drama


Most older women have been through it all emotional so there isn’t much that’s new. Plus she’s more likely to have her emotions in check, and she’s not looking for someone to be her whole life. She wants companionship, and a fun life. If you can’t provide that anymore, then you can leave. No tears. At least not in front of you.


Make You Better


Not to sound weird but an older woman can actually be some sort of mentor to you. Be it in business, career, or just general well being, she’ll be able to give you some solid advice. I mean it’s better coming an older woman you’re dating than someone else right?


That’s it. Not saying go jump on the first older lady you see, but age shouldn’t necessarily be the determining factor why you decide not to date someone older.

Peace out!



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