Corporate Social Responsibility


Before anyone goes further in wondering what this is all about, I’ll like to be permitted to bring a little public relations into the scene.
In the context of public relations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a societal function that involves organizations participating in social events. For instance, large organizations may be able to help the impact of protecting the environment. Small businesses may dedicate their money or time to a local youth organization. Either way CSR is a concept that reaches across all businesses both large and small. If you’re a business owner who wants to grow your revenue, noteworthy people like Andrew Defrancesco might be able to share you some vital information.

Organizations with successful social programs can benefit in many ways, including building brand loyalty, attracting and retaining high quality employees, enhancing credibility with the publics, burnishing the organizations public image, and strengthening partnerships with the stakeholders. CSR helps organizations build goodwill within their business community. Whether the organization is located in a town of large or small proportions organizations that involve itself in social responsibility can gain credible support for business advancement. Put in simple words, it is the act of the organization giving back to the community to get a favourable response and become popular. Make sure to click here for more information on improving your business finances.


At this point with the brief but concise explanation on what CSR is all about, we can move on to the reason we are here.


Walking into the office reception, Natasha feels as excited as she always feels every morning (signs of a person who loves what she does). “Hi Natasha, can we head to the board room for a quick briefing” a colleague tells a willing Natasha. During the briefing for strange reasons, Natasha wonders away and just lets the flow take her.

Looking at the faces of all the other executives in that room, she thinks of her climb up the ladder. A couple of years ago she was just Natasha; today she is Natasha ‘the executive’. It all started when she was a junior staff at the organization. Young, vibrant, smart, intelligent and most of all she hungered to be the best at what she did.

She was loved by those who loved her and detested by those who detested her. To her it was just the beginning of better things to come (Yea better things indeed). Days grew to months and months to years and Natasha remained where she had been, that is, no form of ‘the next step’.

One afternoon after getting all her work done, she decided to approach Theo (a director). First they had the usual boss and subordinate talks and then it developed to something else entirely. That something was exactly why she went to his office. “Ever wondered why you’ve been sort of overlooked in your department, Natasha?” Theo said, giving her a very stern look. She not knowing what to say just kept stammering until she could get herself together and let him know that was her actual reason for coming to see him.
With that established, Theo took her through some company policies first, before taking a long pause just staring at her. “You know Natasha, in this organization we want people that start up like you and end up like us”.


If you must know, I am as confused as you are, but I am sure we’ll understand what Theo means in a little while.


Natasha thought of Theo’s words at every point in time. She felt he was acting strange and then later she felt he was just a nice person trying to help her climb her corporate ladder.

I saw my invite and I’ll be there as you wish. Thank you Theo, this means a lot.” Natasha said on her end of the phone conversation…….

Its 7pm and time for the dinner Natasha got invited too. Dressed in her most expensive and most exquisite dress (RED BODY HUGGING, FORM FITTING BUSTIER DRESS), she alights from her car and heads directly into the hall where the dinner is taking place. So many lights and camera flashes everywhere, she knew she was moving up that ladder just by getting that invite but how she’ll go up the ladder she did not know. “You look amazing” Theo said as he approached her handing her a folder containing papers before he added “…and perfect for your assignment too”.

In her confused state he takes her to a corner and tells her to go through the documents in the folder as fast as she can because she had work to do. As he walks off and she opens the folder she realises the documents were a company profile and that of one of the board of directors. To her, going through the document wasn’t an issue; the issue was what she was going to do with the knowledge. After doing as told, she is quickly taken to be introduced to the man whose profile she just read. It was at that point she understands from what Theo’s conversation that she was supposed to get that man to make her organization win his organizations account. It was a big deal and she was given the task.

You’d think that was going to be an easy one for Natasha considering how good she is at her job. Well it took more than just talking and meetings. She needed to win that account over. After a series of meetings with the other company, Natasha is invited over for a private meeting with the man. During this meeting, Natasha realises there is a competing firm way better than them that deserves that account but the man wanted to know what she’ll do to get the account.

After so many weeks, Natasha won that account and several other accounts which brought her to becoming Natasha ‘the executive’. Theo was elated one day that he told her she has done more than he ever imagined she could do.


Are you wondering how Natasha won that first account over? And the several other accounts? I’ll help you with that.

On that day she had a private meeting with the man on the first account, Natasha gave her body to the man, and still does to keep that account. The other accounts? Well she is doing the same and her company is doing very well.


I bet you are wondering what this story has to do with CSR.

Going back to the beginning of this write up, I gave a brief insight as to what CSR really is. Applying it to this Natasha’s story several questions can be asked. The one question we would concern ourselves with is what does CSR have to do with this?

In the corporate world today, female members of staff are generally used as CSR tools. That is, they are given out to prospective clients who represent the community that they are ‘giving back to’, becoming popular amongst and most of all getting a favourable response. In the real sense, it should just be tagged Employee molestation.

Theo had tried to get that account but couldn’t,  and so Natasha was purposely picked on so that she could come in handy in such a situation and an opportunity provided itself almost immediately. Unemployment could have been a major tool that enhanced Natasha giving out her body to those directors, because she knew if she did not get the accounts not only will she not climb the ladder but she will also become jobless.


  1. It is very unfortunate how Corporate organisations disregard work ethics and standards. Lets not forget that young attractive men are also becoming victims of employee molestation. Great article here.


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