Backdoor In Marriage; Perverted Or God Given Right?


Some people would say that the basic necessities of life are s@x, food and water. Yes, S@X! That said, it is not surprising that more and more people are coming up with different fetishes to spice up their bedroom lives. Why is this the case? Here is my theory;

We human beings love getting involved in different forms of life games- Men love the chase, women tend to fall for men who do not appreciate them, men likewise seem to prefer women that do not give them too much attention. It is all some form of game! S@x is so easy to come by these days, and we know that easy gets are boring! And so naturally, people would desire something more adventurous, which would lead to different experiments.


Focusing on the an@l s@x desire asides from others, Is there such a thing as sexual perversion in marriage? Is a demand for the backdoor, good enough reason to leave a marriage? As much as we’d reject the CURSE from being our portion, we do have to face the fact that, these things are real and seems to have come to stay!

I have always preached that in marriage, a woman’s body isn’t hers any more but her spouse’s – likewise for the man. So as a lady who isn’t into kinky s@x, what would you do should your husband’s demand for the backdoor entry become overwhelming???

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