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It is no longer news that we are living today in an age dominated by all kinds of public opinions. Opinion polls can give government officials a sense of how their policies or initiatives are or will be received. Public opinions are everywhere around us from TV adverts to talk shows on ways they perceive are fit for us to live our lives. People’s opinions are in constant warfare with our own logical reasoning and when we find ourselves at the throes of making important choices we seldom feel perplexed in deciding but we have to take bold steps in making our inner voice decides the sifting process.

I was invited to a 4th of July hotdog and hamburger cookout and I never regretted attending though I was reluctant to go at first. The fair was fun as nice beats were played and there were new faces to chat with as everyone was having a great time in eating and conversing with folks in an attempt at socializing. Thirty minutes into my arrival, I was sipping my apple cider while I began to accidentally eavesdrop on the tale of a pretty young lady who seemed both pissed off and truly upset as she lamented to her friends that she just called her engagement off with her fiancé who she referred to as Davis.

Her friends all seemed concerned as they listened, some hugging, patting her back as she related her ordeals in tears about her fiancé possessiveness of her. She talked about how he embarrassed her at work in the presence of her colleagues and boss that almost cost her job. She blustered out that her fiancé told her it will be difficult for him to trust her as long as they have not tied the knot and she is so worried that marriage to him does not seem to be a cure to his jealousy even though the guy promised that his insecurities were just as a result of his fear of losing her.

My worries never got to their record high until I heard her friends all giving their own thoughts. I  heard one of them saying ,’’babe, you just got to work things out with him, you know you aren’t getting any younger and if you call this quit , how soon do you think you could  mend the pieces back again and finally settle down”. Different opinions kept flying as all the friends suddenly became relationship experts. The weirdest was when I heard one of her friends revealed that she has always had eyes for her dude but she never pursued her interest since he was taken by her friend and she could not stand the thought of betraying. As they kept bombarding her with their ‘’advice’’, this disgruntled lady just kept nodding in approval and saying she guessed they were all right and again busted into tears as she felt overwhelmed and confused that it was her fault that the guy is mad and mistreating her.

By the time I took my leave, I felt sorry for the lady’s plight. I felt sorry for the times people tend to give us opinions that may be well intended but does not validate them as truth. We tend to blame ourselves even for the wrongdoings and injustices other people might have committed against us by claiming the abuses were justified. Our freedom is sometimes eroded to our face but we kept mute and endured the maltreatment so we could be loved.

At the end of July 4th, I objectively realized that public opinions can truly be useful on a variety of level but when it comes to salient life situations that could sometimes leave us at crossroads and sleepless nights, people’s opinion cannot give us the answers. We must answer for ourselves. Although most of the ladies opinions were complimentary but none of them were adequate. I have then learned in the course of my own  life’s journey fraught with choking decisions, potholes ,challenges that can threaten my resolve  that people’s opinions could help navigate certain paths but  not decisions that can either mar or make the rest of my life. It is important that we get counsels from respected individuals whose lives carry substances and results but at the end of the day it is our own decision that should carry the day.

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