A Bucket Of Tears For Heart Break! Baba Tee’s Ex “Yetunde Oduwole” Rain Curses On Him


Heart breaks do not go as we say them when we are not the one in the scenario. This case is a typical example of what goes on during heart break periods.

44 years old “Yeunde Oduwole” a Uk based Nigerian celebrity could not hold back the tears as ladies would say “Big Girls Dont Cry Over Heart Breaks”. The issue in this case is way beyound just the heart break, the reason for these tears is because her 35 year old Yoruba movie comedian and actor Babatunde Bernard popularly known as Baba Tee finally took the bull by the horn with the move-on actions. His move-on actions which includes deleting all facebook pictures and albums of moments they shared together.

Baba Tee’s mindset of all this is not clear to us by it is clear that he may have been battling with how to get over the break up which happened sometimes last year even as he still sees pictures of moments they had together when the going was fine.

The videos below was recorded by Yetunde Oduwole her self and was sent to her Ex Babatunde Bernard. The video must have been leaked by someone who could not hold the pain felt when watching the video.

One quick question is who leaked the video?


Watch Yetunde Oduwole no make up self recorded video while weeping and cursing her Ex.









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