8 Tips On Pulling Off A Successful One Night Stand



If you’re not one of those holier than thou people then please keep your comments to yourself. For the rest of you read on…

If you haven’t had a one night stand before, don’t worry, we have some tips for you on how to pull one off. That’s of course if you want to. It’s a skill, and requires utmost confidence in yourself and your personality. Here goes:

1. Be prepared – For you to be able to pull off a one night stand, you have to be prepared. When I say prepared, I mean your apartment is clean, you have protection (don’t want a one night stand affecting your entire life), and put on clean underwear. Yep… Lingerie for the ladies and clean boxers for the guys. What you don’t want is to get to the most important part of the night, and turn off your partner by having dirty surroundings or under garments, or even worse, not having a condom with you.
2. Be Adventurous but Selective – Chances are if you’re open to a one night stand, then there’s some amount of adventure is you already. Be open, adventurous. Remember it’s not about meeting your dream man/woman, it’s about the person you see yourself getting it on with that night. On the same token, don’t just grab the first thing available. For ladies, the first drunk guy to tell you how beautiful you are might not be the best idea, and fellas, just don’t go for the first insecure ugly duckling you can catch. You want to be able to look back and think better of yourself after this.


3. Flirt Flirt Flirt but don’t be desperate – No one likes a desperado. The key here is flirting casually initially and increasing the intensity as the night goes. Throw in sexual inuendos but not too direct or creepy. Read the vibe of the guy/girl. You will be able to tell if they want you around through the night or not. Remember that some folks don’t like one person around them for too long so if you sense that early enough then you might want to find another target. However if you do find that sweet one who engages in your flirting, and the vibe is going great, don’t mess it up by either being too pushy, too available or too desperate. Guys I’m looking at you here.


4. Don’t drink too much – Get a nice buzz, and being tipsy is always a good thing. Actually it helps you ease your nerves a little bit, and removes any guilt you might have, but tipsy is where it should stop. Once you cross the line from tipsy too drunk, the whole thing ruined. For the ladies, no guys wants to end up being a caretaker for the rest of his night, and same goes for guys. Plus when you’re drunk you end up being sloppy and that is NOT sexy at all.


5. Close the deal – By time the night is winding down a bit you should know if the vibe is right, and he/she is interested in continuing the night. Your window of opportunity here is pretty slim so you want to close the deal ASAP. A simple, “What’s next after this?“, “Wanna get out of here?“or “You wanna continue the night?” can take you where you need to go. If the answer is a negative, you can attempt to persuade a bit, but if you get 2 Nos, chances are it’s a No. What you don’t want to do is ask for his/her number before attempting to “continue the night.” Essentially you’re closing shop before giving yourself a chance.

If you’re not the one doing the asking (esp ladies), then send a positive answer. This is not the time for forming especially if it’s something you want to do also.


6. Be honest –This isn’t a date, so it’s not the time to talk about your goals, aspirations, hopes and your plan to save the planet. Stay on course on what the goal of the night is… s-e-x. Don’t promise, don’t say anything love related, or wanting to see the person, or wanting to hang out cos quiet frankly that’s not what we’re here for. Eventually when you do get to the destination; your house, his/hers, or a the hotel, don’t flake last minute. You have every right to do so, but it’s no fun bringing someone home and you don’t do anything.


7. Be Young, Wild and Free –This is your chance to be adventurous, experimental and the likes and not get judged for it. Be sexy, and be open-minded. Don’t go crazy like bringing whips and chains, and putting things where they are not supposed to go (well… unless he likes it), but this is not the time to be a square in bed. Have fun! That’s why you’re here right?


8. Leave when you’re supposed to – If you’re not sure you can certainly ask if you can stay the night. If you’re not comfortable asking, then it’s best to leave once the deed is done. If you do spend the night be sure to leave first thing in the morning. What you don’t want is to be that awkward guy/girl that just wont leave till almost 2pm the next afternoon. Finally, be honest again. If you don’t intend on seeing this person again (as it is a one night stand) then don’t say “I’ll call you” or anything like it. Express how much fun you had, and leave. Both parties understand what happened so no use lying.


  1. lyk seriously? Dis is nt bein a prude or anythin bt wat happend 2 morals? Nxt we’ll b getting tips on how 2 do threesomes or group sex!

  2. Hmm…nice ryt up…bt wat we consensual adults enjoy in dis has lead brought many sorrows nd pains overnyt…sorrows nd pains dat take a lifetym 2 go.we all love sex especialy in dis maner bt after sex wat next….ans it urself

  3. The points for having a successful one night stand were really great. Your experience will definitely help others to make their relationship or one night stand more appealing. These points will help to build more confidence inside you.


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