7 Reasons To Save Yourself For Marriage


Saving yourself for marriage a very divisive topic for many people, and more especially in 2015 where talking and engaging in sexual activity is pretty much seen as the norm as opposed to the exception.

Purity and chastity seems to have gone out of fashion. But let’s take a look at 7 reasons why you should wait for marriage before jumping in the sac.

We’re not judging those who already have though 🙂

1. You Communicate More In Relationship


When a relationship is without sex you tend to communicate more, and learn more about each other, and focus less on the physical aspects of things. You talk more, share your fears and joys, and you really get to understand if this is the right person for you on a relationship level.


2. Friendship Grows


With better communication, your friendship with your partner begins to grow very well. It’s been said that the perfect mate should be your best friend. You grow you friendship, and generate shared interests.


3. You Can Leave Easily


It’s much easier to end a relationship when it’s going bad if you don’t have any sexual attachment to the said person. For ladies you know you wont be adding to any kind of body count, and it gives you a much clearer head to make such a decision.


4. STD Free


The likelihood of you getting an STD when you’re not engaged in sexual activity is very very low. On the other hand, for everyone you have sex with, you’re exposed to their other sexual partners, and any diseases that they have. Chlamydia, Herpes, and HIV are not fun to have at all.


5. Pregnancy

il_340x270.727612753_p13rBabies are the miracle of life, and it’s a blessing to have kids. But I think we can all agree that a pregnancy when you’re not ready can completely disrupt your life, and turn it in a different direction.


6. Better Self Esteem


Knowing that you have control over when or how you lose your virginity without succumbing to pressure from anyone gives you a great self esteem boost. Plus you spend less time having sex, and more time doing other creative things.


7. You Wedding Night Is Special


If you’ve been saving yourself for marriage for 2X years, then your wedding night will feel like a grand finale of all those years. And no matter how it goes down that night, you’ll always remember it. It’s one thing that non-virgins wont be able to lay claim to from a sexual stand point.


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