7 Bad Times to Break Up with Your Man …


Although ending a relationship is never fun, there are some bad times to break up that would make the situation even worse. If you’re dating someone, you must care about them. You don’t want to ruin his memories of the good times you shared by breaking up with him at an inappropriate time. When it’s time to say goodbye, make sure it’s not during one of these bad times to break up.

1. After a Death

If one of his family members or close friends just passed, you should pass on ending things. Wait until he’s finished grieving over his loss. If you break up with him right after such a big event occurs, it’ll make his pain worse. During a tough time, he’ll need someone to lean on. One of the bad times to break up is when he’s already depressed. You don’t want to kick him when he’s down.

2. On His Birthday

His birthday only comes once a year, so try not to ruin it. If you want to leave your man on his special day, squash the urge. Of course, you shouldn’t lie to him and pretend that everything is perfect between the two of you. Skip his party if you want. Just wait until the next day to break up with him. His birthday is the one day he gets to be fully happy.

3. On An Angry Whim

Sometimes a fight will start up and you’ll say things that you don’t mean. If your man did something wrong, it’s perfectly acceptable to break up with him. But if you had a strong relationship, you should let him state his case first. Yell at him all you want, but wait until you calm down to decide whether or not you want to break up with him. When the anger fades away, you might change your mind about leaving.

4. When Drunk

If you break up with someone after a night of drinking, you might regret it in the morning. Even if you want to stick by your decision, your guy might not take what you said seriously. If that’s the case, then you’ll have to break up with him all over again. Alcohol gets you speaking your mind, but it shouldn’t be used to initiate a breakup. Save the serious discussions for when you’re sober.

5. Holidays

It’s always difficult to suffer through a breakup during the holiday season. It’s a time when people crave affection from others. Family members will ask you about your relationship status and will want to meet the guy they’ve been hearing about. Valentine’s Day is a bad time to lose a relationship as well. No one wants to be alone on the day that is meant for couples.

6. Before a Big Event

If he’s getting ready for his championship soccer game or a big meeting, wait until it’s finished to break up with him. You don’t want him to be distracted while he’s tending to something important. Let him focus on the other parts of his life before you end things. You don’t want his mind to be on you when it should be somewhere else. So hold off for a few hours.

7. Anytime

If you’re worried about breaking up with him, you’re always going to find an excuse to put the task off. But if the relationship really isn’t working, then you have to say goodbye. It’s wrong to keep dating him for months and act like everything is okay when it’s not. Would you want someone to play pretend with you? Your man deserves to know the truth.

When you break up with your boyfriend, I hope the timing’s right. Have you ever ended a relationship before? How did you tell him?


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