6 Reasons Why Being Single Pretty Much Sucks


Being single whether by choice or by circumstance has its benefits. Many some might add, but being single also has its down sides, and quite a bit if you ask me. No one here is encouraging you to start running after every partner you can just to be in a relationship, but if you’re thinking of staying single for life, you might want to reconsider.

It’s all in good fun anyways. Here are 6 reasons why being single pretty much sucks.

1. No One To Listen To You Vent

no-one to-talk-to

You’ve had a long bad day, and just want to be able to talk to someone who will just sit there and listen. Yes you can call your mother, or father, or siblings, but there’s no guarantee they are available. Your roommate might be one but there’s no guarantee they have your time. It’s always comforting to know that with a significant other, you can get home/call them and just tell them about how your coffee spilled in your car, and they pretty much have no choice but to listen to you :). They are there for that purpose. It’s in their contract.


2. Endless Pity Match Making


Probably one of the worst aspects of being single especially at our age is the endless pity match making our friends and relatives try to do. “Oh this guy is an engineer from Ogun state, he’s tall, and smart. You guys fit each other.” There’s always someone calling you with “someone for you.” Even worse is the friends that have taken it upon themselves as a project to find you a match.


3. Dating


Wouldn’t we all love if we could just skip all the endless dating protocol and just end up with our soul mates? The process of dating can be fun when it’s someone you like and likes you back, but outside of that it’s very tiring and draining. From dating the creeps to dating the old men, to dating the ashawos to dating those you like but don’t like you, it’s just plain frustrating. When you’re not single, date night is a whole new adventure of fun and exciting things.


4. Dry Spells and Mishaps

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Let’s not kid ourselves, we all love sex. Being single pretty much guarantees that your sex life is not constant, and you will go through long dry spells. The other side of this is because of those dry spells you’re more likely to end up hooking up with someone you really didn’t want to. Maybe an ex, or someone you know you have no future with. Yea those things you end up regretting.


5. You Can’t Do Some Activities

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There are a lot of activities you can do as a single person, but there are those that are best done as a couple, and you really really really want to do those. Picnics, weddings, Boat dinner cruises, and even the movies are activities that are more when you’re with a significant. I don’t want to do to a dinner cruise by myself. I don’t know about you.


6. Aunties and Mommies Praying For You

image credits: media.artdiamondblog.com/
image credits: media.artdiamondblog.com/

The ultimate worst thing about being single, especially in Nigeria is being the subject of almost every prayer at home and away. You talk to your aunty from Australia on the phone, and before you get off the phone she has to pray for you. Morning prayers at home always end up with “and Lord please bless Jummai with the gift of a husband.” Man, I like Jesus and all, but can we stop with the prayers? I’m not a case that needs deliverance. Don’t get me started on the fasting requests.

Oh and they tell you to pray and fast too.


That pretty much sums it up. If you have another reason why you think being single sucks then let’s hear it. Or if you disagree please let hear it too.




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