4 Ways To Reject A Guy Without Hurting His Feelings


You’re a nice girl. We know; and you really don’t mind guys approaching you to ask you out, or for a date and things like that, but a good number of times you get approached by guys you’re really not interested in.

Here are 5 ways to turn down a guy nicely without necessarily being mean about it. No one likes a meanie, and that reputation might prevent a good guy from ever approaching you. Forget what you see in the movies.

4. Be Honest! JUST SAY NO!


Honesty is the best policy! You can be honest and still be nice, and believe me he’ll appreciate it in the long run, and wont have anything bad to say about you. A simple line like “I think you’re a nice person, but I’m just not interested.” Now remember it’s not exactly what you say but how you say it. No need to be rude, or act like everyone has been disturbing you all night. Just be cordial and let him know.


3. Offer The Friendzone


Now this works more so with someone you already know, but it could also work with someone you meet. The standard “we can still be friends” or “I look at you as a brother” always works to soften the blow of rejection, and most guys will either take the hint, or take the friendzone status. Either way you’re off the hook… for now.


2. Claim To Be Dating Someone Else


Yes I know this is risky, especially if this person already knows/thinks you’re single, but it’s worth a shot. “I have a boyfriend”, or better yet “I’m engaged” will work wonders for you most times. A lot of guys will quickly give you a nice smile, and tell you how lucky you imaginary man is. What about the guy that persists with some lame “what that gotta do with me” line? Tell em to fuck off. Hey! You tried being nice once.


1. Give Him Toke’s Facial Expression


This face will make any guy go away quickly! LOL… Shout out to Toke Makinwa.

Peace out!




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