4 Reasons Why Nice Guys Often Finish Last


Fellas. You hear it all the time. Nice guys finish last, but then on the flip side, a lot of girls will say they want a nice guy. A guy that does all the nice things they’re supposed to do. Well it’s not that easy. Being nice doesn’t always pay, and here’re are 5 reasons why being a “nice guy” isn’t always the way forward.

1. A Good Boy Is Boring


Why do girls like the bad boy more times than not? The good guy is kinda boring and predictable. It’s also a little dangerous, and can make the relationship a bit edgy (in a good way sometimes). Most girls like excitement, and if you’re not built to bring that, then interest can be lost quickly. Doesn’t matter how much she “wants a nice guy”


2. Not Powerful


Truth be told, the bad boy is the one that has all the power or at the very least exudes a powerful aura, and power is attractive to everyone. Nice guys do have power in their own way, but perception is everything right?


3. Agrees Too Easily


Another reason why nice guys finish last? They tend to agree to everything. Always the one to compromise. They’re nothing wrong with agreeing or compromising but when you’re the one always doing it, you’ll probably lose your girl too. No one wants a yes man.


4. No Backbone


No one likes a pushover. Girls certainly don’t and being too nice sometimes can make you look like a pushover. You gotta have some fight in you to resist things that could up.


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