“3 Out Of 10 Nigerian Men Are Not Biological Fathers Of Their Children” – DNA Experts


First of I’ll say this not just a Nigerian problem as I’ve heard a similar stat for Americans also. I think about 1/5 in the American case, but since this is a website focused on Nigerian stuff we’ll focus on ours.

A recent study by “DNA experts” in Nigeria have revealed a shocking statistic that about 3 in 10 men are not biological fathers of their children. A recent interview with Nation shown below:

We have seen that there is serious need for it because in many homes things are happening that are scary both to the lives of children and their parents. And for the general statistics that is now available, it is found that three out of every ten men are not the fathers of their babies. Similarly, three out of every ten children are not fathered by men they have seen as their biological fathers. What we have found out is that, anytime we take ten men, at least three of them eventually found that they are not the fathers of the children they call their own. And these men would have taken care of the children for all their lives.

Now, the global statistics is 100, 000 out of every 300, 000 men. But what we have found that is that the situation is higher in Nigeria than other places. For example in our laboratory here, 50 per cent of the cases comes out negative. And we also realised that majority of the first-borns are affected. You only need to be here to see big men cry like little kids and watch children weep in agony. It has been that bad. And I dare say it is becoming something every home must do and you may be quite surprised at the level of dastard revelation.

About thirty per cent of fathers are unknowingly bringing up children who are not biologically theirs. And it is suspected that this percentage may be on the increase due to sexual recklessness. According to recent trends in sexual health, especially in Nigeria, it was suggested that unprotected sex and multiple partners are comparatively common occurrences with a large proportion of conceptions still unplanned. So, more than half, that is, 50 per cent of all paternity tests carried out by our lab comes out negative and the most affected are first-borns, except in a few cases.

Shocking right?

Now there are different factors these things. For the longest time if there was no child the blame was immediately shifted to the woman. That could affect things is some ways. Pressure to have children when it’s not coming easy. There’s also the issue of just plain infidelity. Then there’s just plain ignorance on both parts. Blind trust.

In 2012, shine your eye.

On the flip-side we can look at the positive. 70% of men are actually biological fathers of their children. Yea? Positive?

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  1. The whole reason people are doing marriage, monogamy, oppressing each other, looking for virgins, fighting over infidelity, all the crap people go through to keep the lines in the nuclear family, is to make sure that the man who might help the woman with a baby is helping his own baby. If we see that that’s not even happening, can we cancel the whole charade then? I mean, what’s so wrong with caring for another person’s baby? Human beings are selfish sha.

  2. Apparently Nigerian Babes are pulling fast ones on their husbands… I believe DNA at birth is now a necessity.. Call me whatever you like… Say baby you don’t trust me… You are preaching to the choir…. DNA is a must.. I am not raising another mans child unless i am consciously adopting..


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