11 Things I Hate When You Start Playing PS3/XBOX


Am I the only female who sometimes wishes she can pick up the PS3/XBox game console and smash it on the wall? It annoys me when I see my boo taking me for granted every time he starts his game.  I know he loves  playing it  and I am not asking him  to stop but be considerate, and remember I exist, thats all I ask. This is a letter to my boo.
Dear boo

  1. I hate that I cease to exist when you  start playing your boring games.
  2. I hate that I must not stand/pass in front of the TV if u playing your game. If I do, you scream “damn it girl, can you move or bend or disappear or better yet, go sleep or visit your mother.?”  That’s  so disrespectful.
  3. I hate that I should not hug/cuddle  you or even say a word when u playing your game.
  4. I hate when I say I love you and you reply me “later baby” or “ I heard you” or “must you say that now.?” What !!!
  5. I hate when your guys come over and they argue over who- killed- who in the game and eat up all my food and leave the  house untidy for me to clean up
  6. I hate when you refuse to eat when playing your game. Meanwhile, you were on my neck , begging me to cook and telling me how hungry you were.
  7. I hate when I ask you a question and you “sssshhhhhh” me.
  8. I hate when you lose a game and you start acting weird to me and almost blame me for losing the game.
  9. I hate that you spend  our money buying stupid war and fight games that makes no sense. If you don’t have anything else to do with money, buy me a gift and surprise me or take me to somewhere romantic.
  10. I hate when you finish your game and you suddenly  remember I exist so you start calling me “ honey, sweetie, baby, can you heat up my food ? Am starving.”
  11. Mostly, You  go to work all week and  spend the weekends playing that stupid “Halo” game. Hello !!! Where am I in the picture ?

Don’t make me annoyed to the point where you have to choose between me and your game.  Your game will not warm your bed at night, neither will it cook your dishes or encourage you when you down. So be wise !

Your dearest Wifee
PS3/Xbox hater.

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  1. Lmao, its funny. Speaking as a guy, I am not going to change anything on that list. Playing video is a guy’s past time. Just get with the program and stop whining.

  2. ​​​ ​​​Ɣε̲̣̣̣̥§ it tru smtimes my man dnt giv me attentn wen needed especially wen his playing dt god of war wen he kws dt D̶̲̥̅̊ game can never warm his bed № mata hw interesting D̶̲̥̅̊ game is it can never cook his meals D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ shud b warned L☺l

  3. Lol. There's no excuse for disrespect or transfered aggression but we all have our guilty pleasures. Some men like video games and some women like Sex and the City.

      • ummm… I can cook myself. I dont need a woman to do that lol, but maybe the PS3 or PS5 will be able to cook dishes… who knows.

  4. from a guys perspective, some of the things you stated there are very annoying… i'm playing FIFA online and thats the time you decide u wanna get something where the on the TV shelf… or wanna clean.. i mean i don't interrupt you when u take 3 hrs to do your make up.. or when u and your girls get loud over the phone talking bout someone else's relationship drama. my girlfriend is pretty much used to it now.. during half time or before the game starts we can talk… she is always there for me when i loose… she's always there when when i zone out into my XBOX world, and when i snap out, she's right there… she learnt not to interrupt. in return, she gets her "me" time when she wants… no stripping in from of the TV either… it stopped working after the made games available for online playing.. my advice, Go with the flow.. its wired into a guys brain to zone out an focus on the game at that point… you know guy's cant multi-task

  5. lol..your list makes you appear like someone that is inconsiderate and seeks too much attention.
    Regardless of what he is doing or watching, you should not stand in front of the TV. At least he stays at home, he could be out drinking or hanging out with his friend (doing who knows what)
    You might want to learn how to play those stupid war games because it is a good way of developing a great relationship with him and his friends.

    • @Temi- if there is someone that should be called inconsiderate, its him not me. I wish you were here to understand ow much he overdoes the whole game thingy. But i will try to learn the game so i can whoop his ass like swayyze said. Maybe i could whoop u too. U just never know. Shebi all the game entails is holding the controller and pressing random stuffs ? sounds eas.lol

      • Whoop me. I don't hold back even for beginners. lol Picking up gaming is a good idea. You can get Xbox kinect and dance your day away after you whoop him in COD, FIFA, 2K or Madden.

  6. i understand where you are coming from.. but at the same time… im the type of chick to be sitting next to my man with the controller, whooping his behind in MAdden or 2k…. You might understand how he feels if you actually sit there, learn the game, and play the game with him, its actually not that bad. lol


  7. What will be very hot is if she joins me in the game and actually beats me……
    I feel the ladies sha…..
    We r who e are….

  8. Lmfao, I think the best way to get our attention is PLAY THE GAME. Besides, more ladies need to start playing video games..One of my female friends who's like in her 20s is a serious game addict with both X-box and PS systems. I'm talking Tekken, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Fifa. Like you wouldn't know it unless she says so but she's too modest to say it tho. She's whooped me seriously in Tekken and did i mention she's a great cook?!! ladies please get with the program, you'll have our complete attention. 😛

  9. LMAO!!! you know you could learn the game. it endears you even more to your boo when he knows that you are ready to learn how to do his stuff just to get with him. i'm just saying.

  10. lesson learnt tho,fink it’d be 9Ce to have d tv in d kitchen so yl i cook,i do my sexy moves to distract u yl u play,then if dat does not work den we’d prolly av to play 2geda

  11. Wow,..don't be mad or angry. Just do you,..when you know he's about to pull out the video games, go and get out up or some work, or do your favorite past time. You should also try learning about the video games that are stealing "Q" time from your man.

    I'm a female and an Ex-Gamer (meaning I used play video games) Some men find that attractive, you know that a female can actually get on the same page as them when it comes to video games. Girl, wipe the make-up off your face sometimes, take those heels off and put on some loud color goofy socks, trade those Seven jeans in for some sweats for a night, steal one of his old but clean tee-shirts, get out of the Kitchen and come into the Living Room and kick it with your boo!

    When you do that, you will actually realize how fun it is. But if you can't do that like I said earlier go find a hobby which will cause you to ignore him,..which will cause him to miss you! Do that and let us know how it goes.

    Until Next Time, Much Love:-)

  12. I think we’ve heard enough of d ladies joining d game… When my boyfriend gets busy witout me, i either pick up a novel or play my guitar hero on fone. So when he’s done n i’m not, he also has 2 wait 4 me 2 finish. It pisses him off n i know it, afterall he started it.

  13. Hello PS3/XBOX 360 Hater,

    Turn the Game console into a movie streaming device and watch nollywood movies or surf the internet with it. That way u too can monopolize the console, Both xbox and PS3

  14. Hehehehe…Games…I'm a guy, but funny enough, I don't really dig video games. They are way too addictive for me, and most of the time steal time away from U…precious time that can never be replaced. Don't get me wrong; I play games once in a while. However, I've learned to wean myself off it. Besides, once I've played a game for a while, I get tired of it. Not really worth the effort n time.Makes U ignore not only Ur boo, but other important things that need doing. And trust me, an image of U sitting in front of the TV, eyes bright n glued to the screen (bad for the eyes too), fingers flying, hands dancing, tongue hanging out the side of the mouth, leg jittering (did I leave anything out?) is not one U wanna engrave in the minds of Ur kids, both present or to-come.
    My advice: stow away the console. Don't turn it off and leave in front of the TV; pack it up n put in d closet. That way, getting it out and going through the whole re-connecting process will somewhat deter U gradually, until U forget about it. Spend more time doing other things. Go for a walk, with Ur boo, or alone. Hit the gym if possible, or pick up a book or a Mag. Get productive. And once in a while, get it out and play with Ur Boo, but don't forget to stow it away again. That way, U don't lose Ur Boo, among other things. After all, all they need and ask for is our attention.
    Ladies, be patient with Ur man too. U gotta understand, the game addiction takes time to get off. U can do the disconnecting even, while he can do the re-connecting. Let him know also know how U feel about the whole thing, gently and succinctly, as opposed to waiting and hoping. Unless he has a job, in which case he'll stop. I haven't come across any working-class guy who sits in front of the TV for hours on end, flaying his thumbs on buttons. But I stand to be corrected, though I wonder the nature of the job though…
    Anyways, this whole thing here is nothing but my opinion, so no one should kill or verbally abuse me for it, hehehe *fingers crossed*.
    Good luck in stealing Ur hubby from his console, Boos.

    P.S. I am no relationship expert, just a humble guy, that's all…..


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