11 Ideas On How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Boo


It’s 3 days valentine’s day, and now that the government has postponed the elections, there’s no excuse not to celebrate valentine’s day with your partner. I hear the guys are not too thrilled about buying plenty gifts, and babes are celebrating. LOL. It’s ok. Valentine’s day is not all about buying/receiving wine, chocolates and a teddy.

Here are some interesting and different ways to spend valentine’s day.

1. Movie Night At Home


Let’s face it. The movies will be packed with every tom, dick, and harry trying to catch the latest valentine’s day movie. Instead of being in that crowd, you can rent a movie, turn the cell phones off, get some popcorn, and watch a funny movie you’ll both enjoy.

2. Catch A Live Play/Show


Catching a play is something different, and not something that most couple do often. If there’s a live theater in your city, get some tickets and take your partner.

3. The Great Outdoors


This year valentine’s day falls on Saturday, and that means you have the perfect day to grab your partner and do an outdoor activity. Go hiking, hit the beach, bike riding, rent a boat and go boat riding, jet skiing, etc. There’s plenty to do outdoors.

4. Special Dinner In Bed


There’s nothing wrong with whipping up a nice dinner in bed for your partner and just sitting in bed, and having a nice meal. With the remote in your hand, and a bottle of wine nearby.

5. Indoor Picnic


Yes there’s such a thing as an indoor picnic. You do the exact same thing as outside, except you’re inside. decorate your space with great plants and flowers, get a picnic basket(with the goodies), lay down a blanket and pillows. And don’t forget the wine 🙂

6. Break Out The Lingerie


Ladies, we know it doesn’t always happen that you dress in sexy lingeria for your man, but valentine’s day is the perfect day to break out the lingerie hidden somewhere. Or you can go buy one if you don’t have one.

7. Make A Scrap Book Of Memories


A sure way to put in some non financial effort into vals is to create a scrap book of memories with your book. My ex-boyfriend made one for me in uni, and I still have till date. It’s a win win.

8. Appreciate Each Other


Sometimes doing something as simple as just appreciating each other is enough. Get a pen and paper, write out what you love about your partner, and talk about it.

9. Aromatic Spa Night and Pamper Yourselves


Light up the candles, dim the lights, turn on Norah Jones, stir up the bubble bath, and just have a nice relaxing time in the bath. Want to take it further, get body oils and give each other nice massages. Nothing could be more relaxing.

10. Take Up A Yoga Class

Couple Doing Yoga

You’ve never done Yoga before? This is an opportunity to try it out, and if you are a yogi, grab your partner to join you. Yoga is one sure way to relieving stress, and it hits the check box for fun activity.

11. Go Wine Tasting


Hey! You can’t go wrong with some alcohol right? Visit a winery and partake in a nice wine tasting activity that’ll give you access to wine from all over the world.

That’s all folks. You can try any of these 11 activities for vals day. It sure beats waiting 45 mins for your food in a room filled with strangers.


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