11 Signs That You Are Totally In Love


We all love to love! Who doesn’t like to love? Well some dont. But interestingly enough, most of us don’t even know when we’re falling in love. Here are some signs you’re definitely falling in love.

1) You forget about your ex


This is a no brainer. Once you start dating someone new, it takes time away from thinking of your ex. However once you fall in love? Please what is an ex?

2. You find yourself singing cheesy songs

and worse… You love singing them. Even the songs you hated a month ago, all of a sudden have a lot of meaning to you.


3. Can’t stop thinking of the person

This is probably the one thing most people hate about falling in love. You just can’t seem to stop thinking about them. No matter how hard you try.


4. Things others find silly, you somehow find funny

Things that you would normally find annoying or silly, you somehow love about that person.


5. Other men/women are invisible

You could be in a room filled with hotties, and you wont even notice that anyone but your boo is there. You have no time for others.



6. You can spend every minute with them if you can

Some of you would skip class, take time off, just so you can be around them. Every minute you can. And when it’s finally time to leave? Urgh… Don’t get me started.


7. Can’t stop talking about them

Anyone that cares to listen, you start talking about your new love and how “amazing” he/she is. For others this is sickening. LOL.


8. Public Display of Affection

You are not afraid of PDA anymore. Anywhere, anytime, you’ll gladly hold hands, kiss, caress and all the likes… and you don’t care who sees it.



9. You have emotional mood swings

The downside of falling in love is the emotional mood swing. You can go from high to low in a matter of minutes. Maybe she didn’t call you back after an hour, and now you’re depressed. awww.



10. You make love not have sex

It’s no longer having sex. My friend you have reached the level of making love, and it’s a whole different experience.


11. Your image of the future has that person in it.

You think of the future and this person is there. You wife/husband with kids playing in the front-yard and all that. Isn’t love wonderful? 🙂


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