10 Pickup Lines and Rebuttals


Nowadays, especially with the availability of new beauty products available to us not to mention the clothes and various fashion accessories that are churned out almost on a daily basis, ladies would agree with me that we spend a large chunk of our income just to look pretty (not to even talk about the long hours of trying to find the best ‘combining formula’).

Now you can understand my irritation at the seeming lack of creativity among the male gender, especially when a guy walks up to you and delivers the sickest line ever (in the real sense of it). I would rest my pen here for a while and just ‘copy and paste’ some of my personal experiences……and below each pickup line  is just what I wished I said to this guys (still angry that I didn’t)

Guy: You look familiar…do I know u from somewhere??
Girl: Of course! that nightmare you had the other day, that was me!

Guy: Do you live around this area??
Girl: Yes, I just joined the coven

Guy: Can i have your number?
Girl: Did you lose yours??

Guy: I work in an oil company
Girl: hmm…they accept empty heads in oil companies nowadays…Here I was wondering what happened to petroleum.

Guy: Can I have your pen?
Girl: The ink is dry, try hers

Guy: i would like to know you better
Girl: Really! i wish i could say the same

Guy: You are so beautiful
Girl: Yes Lucifer was an handsome angel…Jezebel too!

Guy: Lets read together so i can know you better
Girl: Come back next year, i might be dating nerds by then

Guy: I would like to take you to somewhere special
Girl: Really, I’ve been to hell and i love earth better

Guy:Where have you been all my life?
Girl: Right where you wouldn’t see me!

hmm….we ladies have done our part by looking beautiful now do your part and GET A NEW PLAYBOOK!


  1. I think its interesting that some ladies would make fun of all the intros that a young man has, and then wonder why they ended up with a jobless player (who researches and practices new pickup lines for a living) or why they are still single beyond the age of 35yrs. Unless you're a ho, it's not the pickup line that matters, it's the conversation that comes thereafter which allows you an insight to the personality of the dude.
    But then again in the club, where sex is the commodity being exchanged, I guess we just need to focus on the pickup lines, dangling boobs, borrowed watches, etc 😀

    • Yes, the pick up line shouldnt matter, but its a massive turn off! Some are ignorable, but as morayojones said theres no need to be creative.

  2. nah u havent done your part by looking beautiful..most of yall are just fake..makeup don cover d whole face we no dey see d real thing..fake boobs,padded nyash, fake accent…waka pass jor

  3. Maybe the issue is that men don't need to be particularly creative when trying to meet someone new. If a man just is himself, then everything will fall in line. A sincere, "Hello, I don't think we've met before. My name is _____________." would have gone a long way for me than any creative pickup line that someone could come up with.

  4. Its kind difficult to differentiate btwn the wowoh Ladies n the Beautiful ones. Imagine Ngbeke applyin make ups com fine like beyonce. Simple “Hello” frm a guy now sounds disgusting to em, i have just 1 word 4 u I BET U’LL BECOME A LEFT OVER….


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