INTERVIEW: Uncovering Brainee; The Multi-talented Mystery Artiste


In a recent interview with JAGUDA, budding Nigerian rapper/singer, Brainee takes us on a journey through his career so far, where he draws his inspiration from, his plans, among others.

Though he vehemently stated that he has no long-term goal yet, he still believes he has a spot in the Nigerian music industry.

Read excerpts of the interview below:

JAGUDA: Who is Brainee?

BRAINEE: Ifeanyichukwu David Bryan Onoka (born May 28, 1996), known as Brainee, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer. Brainee initially gained recognition as the winner of the PEPSI TOP TEN CHART SHOW in 2014. Intent on pursuing a career as a rapper, he released a 17 track mixtape – ‘The Onetime mixtape’ in 2016. He has also been releasing covers of popular Nigerian songs until he released two further independent projects, Wata and Gbese, under Rebel Movement in 2018.

JAGUDA: How long have you been doing music professionally? 

BRAINEE: Well 6 years and counting but professionally 5 years now. 

JAGUDA. Do you think/feel you’ve got a place in the Nigerian music industry? 

BRAINEE: If every aircraft can fly in the sky on a daily basis and land safely without crashing into each other then i certainly have a place in the industry.

JAGUDA: Why music for you? 

BRAINEE: I’ve got a God given talent that can’t go to waste. I have to maximize my potentials i believe.

JAGUDA: What else would you have done outside music? 

BRAINEE: Be a lawyer. *laughs*

JAGUDA: The Nigerian music space is very clouded at the moment, seems everyone is trying to get a spot, what makes you different? 

BRAINEE: My personality and my kind of music.

JAGUDA: What/who inspires you? 

BRAINEE: Eventualities and basically anything can inspire me at any point in time.

JAGUDA: What are the plans for your music 2019?

BRAINEE: Release good songs, make more songs and release a body of work.

JAGUDA: Your currently released single “Gbese” is currently buzzing, how to you plan on maintaining the tempo? 

BRAINEE: If i tell you i have anything figured out right now, i’ll be the greatest liar on earth. i just want to make good music and increase the fan base.

JAGUDA: Who are your industry icons and artistes you wanna work with?

BRAINEE: At the moment, i respect Falz a whole lot for his recent project, funny as it may sound i also look up to Yemi Alade. She basically inspires me to work more. Sarkodie would also be on my list and a host of others.

For the artistes i would love to work with, a Falz or a Davido would really be great! 

JAGUDA: If you had the powers, what would you change about the Nigeria music space?

BRAINEE: The Structure of the industry in general, would make it more like the international scene, that way a lot of artistes get to break out and also get to earn a living. 

JAGUDA: What are your longterm plans and how would you impact the industry?

BRAINEE: Like i said i don’t have anything figured out, i just want to make good music and increase the fan base. As for impacting in the industry, time will tell.


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