EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Guy Whose Tweet Inspired M.I & A-Q’s #TheLiveReport

Samuel Akosim

While most of us were still basking in the euphoria of M.I Abaga‘s recently released project “Judah the EP” and A-Q‘s album christened “God’s Engineering,” they hit us with a new EP titled “The Live Report.”

What’s fascinating about the project is how they were able to churn out a 5-star project in just 5 days – clear evidence of how much these rappers have mastered their art form.

I was awake when the project dropped and in excitement, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to listen first or publish. Listening to the first track “Tone of the Conversation,” however, revealed how the project was birthed.

My curiosity pushed me to reach out to the young lad who will go down in history as a catalyst for this heavily conscious project.

In an exclusive interview with Samuel Akosim, a Nigerian Software Engineer based in Amsterdam, he shared more about his role in the project and more.

Read excerpts of our conversation below:

JAGUDA: How does it feel to have inspired a project by two heavyweight rappers?

Samuel: I believe they did not need an inspiration. They already felt the connection knew something good somewhere was coming. I was in the bathroom soaking #Godsengineering by Aq and I said to myself “it will feel really good to listen to back to back songs by the two heavyweights”. The people already loved their joint work and we just needed an extended play. They may already have had the inspiration but I guess they just need a little push to do it.

I’m trying as much as possible to give them all the credit because it’s not an easy work and honestly with or without me it would have happened.

But to answer your question. It feels good and I feel very very special to have been mentioned on the song. I feel proud. I finally understand what it means to be happy. I am happy.

JAGUDA: I’m sure you didn’t expect a response when you tweeted, or did you?

SAMUEL: Oh you never know when is your lucky day. I always tweet at them always, But that special day something said to me “tweet it now” I wanted to tweet directly at MI but something just said tweet to AQ he’s online right now he’ll see it. I did it and then boom. EVERYTHING was timing. If I was late I guess it may have been lost in the flood. But you see? What will be will be and I may just be a bolt in this work but there’s a whole lot more work that happened. I’m nothing in this masterpiece.

JAGUDA: How has the reception been from your close friends and family who are in the know? I’m pretty sure you’ve gotten random shout-outs also. How does that feel?

SAMUEL: My sister thought I was going to be on a song with them both. Initially, I thought my tweet was misunderstood and that I was asking for a joint project with Aq. People were tweeting me “don’t fuck up o you have a big chance” I said ah! Big chance? Okay let me go and practice. I go in front of the mirror I choose a stage name “i” that’s my stage name. After MI he’s the max-i and I’m like small i. You know with iPhone X and x max. I start rapping rubbish in front of the mirror “I’m i, I am what all you rappers rap about, when you say i you talk about i because i am the one you all talk about” I thought about it and said “Sam your lines na yawa.”

Giggling after seeing his reponse inspired the next question.

JAGUDA: Do you rap though? Or have tried music before?

SAMUEL: Oga I think I can but you know, we think many things and when it’s time to do it the story is different and it’s not easy to do as we imagined. I’m no rapper but I know a good rap when I hear it. Just like everyone else, we may not be able to cook but we know good food when we taste it. #TheLiveReport is a good food 🥘 food for the soul and mind.

JAGUDA: Ever met either of the rappers? If yes, share your experience. If no, what would be your reaction?

SAMUEL: Never met before, but Boys boys on a normal level we will enjoy life. MI promised us his fans  Quilox 100k will go down in a song, AQ not yet but if they ever hold a party in Nigeria I’m dropping and a few photos will go down.

Listen to the EP below.


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