Jaden Smith Is Changing Professions; Set to Become a Full-time Inventor

Jaden Smith

The Karate Kid, Jaden Smith is switching things up in his career.

“I want the world to know that I am switching professions and that I am becoming a full-time inventor,” as he told Complex. “I’m going to spend all of my time inventing new technologies because I think I’m better at that than making music.”

This might sound weird considering the fact that he recently just dropped an album ERYS. He went on to say.

“I’m still going to make music because I invent new songs,” he assures us. “I invent new ways to make music, but I’m not a musician.”

Jaden Smith who clocked 21 years in July has been in the flashy lifestyle. Inventing his own fashion trends, new systems with a purpose of changing the world, and of course, a new sound.

In 2019 alone, he expanded his JUST Water brand and created filtration systems for the people of Flint, Michigan.

He also launched his first “I Love You Restaurant on Wheels” in Los Angeles, which delivers vegan meals for the homeless.

Adding to his interview “I’m not going to stop until I’m like Elon Musk,” Jaden vowed.



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