YouTopia [Season 1, Episode 3]… Suppressing The Self


Being who you are when you are that individual is harder than it first sounds or appears.

Its hard to be comfortable in one’s own skin most times, primarily because who you are usually is not 100% in line with who the world might want you to be at said time. The inner conflict usually gives rise to some form of suppression of self and conformity towards others’ views and expectations. It might be simple things like a refusal to adhere to the rules of never wearing stripes with plaid or a corporate shirt with trad, or bigger issues like expressions of worship or picking a career. Whatever the case, conflicts usually arise between one’s genuine desires and what the world deems as one’s role.

In order to be who “one truly is” there is usually a battle – a battle between one’s inner self and the dictations of the world. It is easier to lose the space battle where one incrementally gives up a part of who one would ultimately be (if we lived in a judgment-free existence) to be “cool” or “accepted” by individuals one might not even prefer to be around. At first glance this might sound like the peer pressure of secondary school, but the truth is long after the graduation bell tolls, one is still haunted by this pressure to act and be someone else.

We are all created unique individuals, tailor made and packaged in our own special skin. Most people are not comfortable in this skin and its no wonder. Instead of stretching it out and exploring every inch of these miles of creativity and self we are given, we usually shrink who we are to make it fit into advertised/accepted roles the world assigns while we look up towards those who have had the courage to be different and grow into their destinies. One thing we fail to realize is many notable figures – whether heroines, fashion designers or tech gurus are who they are (notable and easily visible for admiration) because they said “screw the mold” and got comfortable in their own ideal state of being. The sooner one settles in, the sooner one’s real purposes are revealed and one’s creative energies can uninterruptedly flow.

We were not created to be clones. We are not meant to be drones. Our purpose is not to be churned off the conveyor belt of non-creativity – looking, sounding, acting and thinking like the individual who is just ahead of us. We are meant to be who we are created to be, we are meant to do those things that tug at our heart strings – be it dancing in the rain or rocking a bald head, we are meant to express the views that might be uncomfortable to say due to their unconventional nature – yet give us a sense of peace and stability while we expose ourselves to others’ critique of our unique truth.

For expressive personalities there is more to suppress, but don’t – because there is so much more to offer! The sooner u expose and stop apologizing/conforming – the sooner the real you emerges and the more creative/great you can be when you let those energies flow free!

Its a daily grind for mankind, but the more frequently one chooses expression of self over conformity to the world, the sooner one breaks free from mental slavery to the world. Silencing those doubts when you second-guess yourself and just dong what the hell you really want to do is the only way to truly be oneself. Its hard to do, but the more often u do it the sooner the real u emerges and wins the space battle.

Expression of one’s true self does not require expressing every thought or idea that comes to mind though. One must allow oneself to be tempered by a certain degree of sensitivity, maturity and responsibility towards others. While you should not allow the views and opinions box you into dimensions you may be unfit or unwilling to assume, you should not impinge on the personal freedoms/right of expression of another in the process of your self-discovery. So just because you’ve decided orange and green are your colours of choice or metal bending is your preferred profession, bashing of the person who dons the corporate suit and professionally enslaves themselves to a particular industry is not appropriate.

The strength to free oneself, the courage to be who one really is is one of the greatest battles that exist, but the spoils if and when one chooses to embark on that war are far greater than any casualties. People who enslave themselves to the stereotypes of others are no better for it, in fact they are almost always worse off. If we only live once, why live based on the expectations and limitations another proposes – if its that important to them – let them do it themselves while you set your mind free and prepare to free fall into your own destiny.






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