YouTopia [Season 1, Episode 2]… Calling All Brand Ambassadors


YouTopia Season 1, Episode 2.
Calling All Brand Ambassadors!

When a company is attempting to launch a new product or line, one major step includes the casting call for that brand ambassador. For some products it is self-evident who they want and they go out and seek that already famous individual, other goods and services require a “fresh face” to market what they have to offer.

Brand ambassadors are usually paid with many zeros to be the heroes of the product or service they represent. After all their face, figure, voice and choices are thereby associated with that brand. On their part they usually have to sign strict contracts regarding what they can and cannot do while they officially endorse that product or service. The idea of being a brand ambassador is both a challenge and a channel for greatness. Being asked, many people would jump at the chance to be a brand ambassador. What many do not realize is, they already are!

We are each a brand ambassador. You may not recollect the time or the moment you signed the contract, but the truth is you had no choice in the matter. It was more of an induction by birth rather than a conscious choice. We are, each and every one of us, self-employed brand ambassadors of…well ourselves! The flag we carry is that of our family, the crest we bear is that of our name. We each go forth each day a brand ambassador of ourselves. The family flag can be disassociated, burned and buried even, but the brand that is ourselves sticks with us for life.

The celebrity brand ambassadors who endorse other products sometimes get to escape from the frenzy of the paparazzi and the pressure of all eyes on them – but often even they are not afforded that luxury. Sometimes silly costumes, movement under the cover of darkness or covert missions to far away islands serve as a break from the ambassadorship – but we as individual brand ambassadors of ourselves are not that lucky. Everywhere we go, every move we make, is an addition of a subtraction of the worth of the brand we forever represent. Not matter how poor our behavior we cannot be sacked and our contract can never be terminated!

Lack of awareness of this responsibility could be fatal to our brand. The problem is lack of this awareness causes us to misrepresent, undermine, or even disrespect this brand at times. People get paid millions of millions of different currencies to represent various fragrances, clothing lines, and other well-known companies.

Look in the mirror at the brand that is you and try to discover the following:
• Would you be willing to pay yourself to represent the brand that is you?
• Are you doing an adequate job of representing the (insert parent-given name here) brand?
• Would you pay yourself for the work that you are doing?
• If you had a choice would you fire yourself? Hire yourself? Give yourself a payraise?

• Are there any brands you have associated yourself with that is causing your brand to be misrepresented, tarnished, smeared?

For every move we make, every thought we formulate, every word we utter – we are bearing the crest and flag of the brand we represent. Whether you choose to
incorporate, partner with, franchise, or build your own enterprise, do so with the realization that before you are an extension of any other company, entity or union –
you are your own brand ambassador.

A keen awareness of this role you play 24/7 can only enhance and better your life. When you make choices and decisions from the standpoint of one representing a
brand then you are more conscious of your actions. When you realize that you are a brand onto yourself, and decide what you want others to associate with your brand
you start to streamline your actions, focus your thoughts and gather momentum in the direction of creating the brand you want. This is essentially moving you from the
state of YOU to the state of YouTopia. A state where the ideal and perfect version of you exists, not because you have perfected yourself, but because you have perfected the balance that consists of all components associated with you.

If you decide that the model of your brand must be someone that is fit, someone with good skin, someone who can be on the move for hours without growing weary
then the next step will be to enroll the model of your brand into the appropriate regiment to gain those sought after attributes. So you enroll in a gym, start eating
healthier, drinking a lot more water, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. What does this do? It realigns your body with your mind, and before you know it
you have incorporated a healthier routine into your life: you look better, feel fitter, and have boosted the reputation of your brand through the reinvention and upkeep
of the brand ambassador/model. So whatever you decide ranging from fitness, to self-restraint, to a deeper spiritual life, even to a brand better realigned with
the love of dodo – as long as there is follow through you are well on your way to reaching that state of YouTopia.

Change begins from within, and it begins when you decide that all you need is YOU to win. It begins when you allow your dreams to come in, and begin to incorporate
them into all aspects of your life from the kitchen to the gym. It’s not only about the physical, but its starts from the inside out.



  1. This is exactly what is called an inspirational talk. Coming from what seems to be bleak to something that got me thinking that it is real.

    yeah we've all got that brand in us and we are our very own ambassadors. it is not all about the money, its about making a name out of yourself and becoming relevant in the outside world. i do not know where you got this article from but the writer needs to be appreciated for a writeup wel placed.

    Long Live Nigeria, Long Live


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