YouTopia [Season 1 – Episode 1]


Utopia is a state of ideal existence in a world where everything is perfect.

YouTopia is (defined by us as) a state of existence where you achieve balance between all aspects of your life. YouTopia is equilibrium. YouTopia is an inspirational approach to fixing what’s wrong, perfecting what’s right, and ensuring that your life is a smooth and comfortable flight. It deals with everything from fashion to fitness, from work stress to sickness, from relationships to social responsibility. It seeks to inspire, to give you the self-motivation and self-confidence necessary to get past “good” and reach for “great.”

There is a famous adage, “mind over matter.” And this adage matters, because everything begins in the mind, and most of the matter that we place value on (computers, make-up, clothes, and all manner of creature comforts and contemporary necessities we assign worth to) first began as an image, an idea, an inspiration in the mind of an individual. Therefore, harnessing the powers our minds possess allows us to create more matter, to accurately determine what truly matters and to exist in an ideal state where one is happy, hearty, content and operating at full capacity.

Recognizing the importance of a sound mind, a fit body, a well-fed spirit and positivity, this season YouTopia will seek to create a roadmap on how to be the best you YOU can be. It will showcase how enriching this lifestyle approach can be to your life and those you come into contact with. Life happens every single day, but it is how we react to life, it is the choices we make, it is the stands we take, that determine the outcome and the forward progression of us as individuals. YouTopia celebrates you, the ideal you, the you we all seek to become. We implore you to join us on this journey week by week as we explore all the various facets that need to be balanced in body, soul, mind, spirit and bank account to create a content you. Contribute, refute, dispute and compute the changes, the progress, the mental shifts that can occur when you seek to reside in YouTopia – the ideal state of you.


Until next time, stay blessed YouTopians!

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  1. you're so so so talented!

    keep reaching high and keep shining your light of inspiration on others my sunshine
    love u

  2. I could not help but record the word you expressed in this post. So inspirational. I recorded myself reading your very words. I can email them to you. Send me an email and I'll get them over to you, word for word. Hope you'll like it.


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