Work To Serve


Purely to make money? Purely to avoid boredom and idleness? What exactly is the objective of work? When you look at the general working condition in Nigeria, you can easily conclude that work is a hopeless condition.

A condition which generally requires you:

  • To Get up and moving frm bed earlier than man was originally designed to.
  • To Close late from work regardless of the endless cancerous traffic jam that is more inevitable than death.
  • To totally render your weekend useless. Weekends that are meant to be used to do personal stuff. May I add, the weekend rest is never enough.
  • To magically make 2weeks worth of money last through an entire month (some bosses should be crucified)

The list is endless but I’m’a give it a rest here.

You will agree with me when I say that the general working condition in Nigeria can never achieve the aim of the questions asked above;

  • Purely to make money?
  • Purely to avoid boredom and idleness?

Firstly, if you are working purely to make money with the general working condition we find ourselves in Nigeria, I’m sorry to announce to you that your time is heavily being wasted. Find another reason to work.

Secondly, if you are working purely to avoid boredom or idleness, I’m sorry to announce to you that there’s a limit to the crap that the average human being can take in a particular period of time. Its just a matter of time before you reach that point and either slap your boss or knock him to d ground and stump him till he bleeds from every hole(including the holes you made by hitting him so hard). So, find another motivation to work please. I nor fit shout.

I can feel some people asking, “what other reason is there to work?”.

Well, just keep reading and you will find out pretty soon.
I would like you to read every word I write from this point very carefully.

Work was designed by God almighty(Genesis) not to;

  • make money?
  • avoid boredom and idleness?

If you read the account in the bible, when adam was created and God asked him to manage the garden of eden. God did not ask adam, “how much u want make I de pay you now?” And Adam did not consider the question like, “na wa o! God, you know say this Garden big and as per na only me de, make I collect 1million naira per month

If you read your bible well, you will see that the above conversation never happened. Adam tended the garden without any form of payment from God and He was content with the Work without pay. So God did not create work for us to purely make money.

Also God did not give Adam the job of tending the garden of eden cos He saw that adam was bored and idle. God just created the dude. Wetin Adam don see as at then? He could have easily told God, “See. Me I cannot stay inside this garden o. Me I wantu go and explore the world. You wan come trap me inside here. Ur plan nor go work” So God did not give adam work cos adam was bored.

As a matter of fact, Adam didn’t have to work. He had all the food. He didn’t need to buy clothes (Omo hiTv de inside dis BRT o. Na wa o.) Sorry for that break. If the Garden was untidy, God coulda easily snapped His fingers to tidy up the place.

So, why did God create work? What should our motivation to work be? Since all other motivation fails us at some point in time.

The REASON why God created work for Adam. The reason why God wants us to work regardless of pay, state of mind, regardless of an annoying boss, traffic jam. The reason why God still maintains His stand that we must work is cos, He created us to serve.

He created man to serve Him as the Most High.
He created man to serve Him as Jesus Christ.
He created man to Serve Him as the Holy Spirit.

The Holy spirit resides in every man regardless.
The Holy spirit resides in every man. All he needs to do is to realise this, recognise this and walk in this.

The wicked boss can’t know He has the Holy spirit until He is told. I’m not saying you should take the job and go and be preaching to your Boss that, “if you don’t give your life to Christ now, you will DIE!!!” Nope!

I’m also not saying that you shouldn’t make money while you work. Nope!

All I’m saying is that you recognise the Word of God as you make money. Because, when death comes the only thing you take with you is your spirit. Not even your own body.

So its better you yield to the spirit of God in you now and the only way you can yield to the spirit of God is to live by His Word.

The spirit of God is not solely concerned with making money. The spirit of God is primarily concerned with Living by the Word of God(Living by faith) The Spirit of God is Secondarily concerned with you as a person.

So you now understand why you must prioritise your values according to the word of God. If your priorities place Gods word as second, you need to re-prioritise and place Gods word as number one. Every other thing should come second to Gods word. It is wise to Follow God’s word solely. God’s word encompasses whatever you place as second, third, or fourth on your preference scale.

Let me give you an example. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added” Matt 6:25-33.

God said this Himself. So I rest my case y’all. I never chop and I dey inside traffic jam with a tie tightly fitted onto my neck.

It is well.



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