Wealth In The Poorest Places


I was walking along a lonely path, beside an abandoned local dam located in one of the poorest villages of the poorest state in my country. It was dawn and the moon had started making itself noticed, even while the sun still hanged around the sky to state its superiority. The bats and owls were also on ground as well to scare the ‘ravens’ away from the dark.

The blue-red sky quickly faded into a darker type which blessed the earth with drizzles but ‘cursed’ me to find an emergency shelter. I quickly made myself at home in a close by farm settlement of about 20 inhabitants. While in my emergency shelter, Buda, a 76 years old man kept my nerves relaxed as he entertained my soul with teasing tunes. I nearly slept off!

As I sat on the bamboo-made bench listening to the tunes emanating from Buda’s sweet melody, I wondered how creative he was; to have thought of making people feel relaxed in an environment of constant hardship and horror; how he was able to put together a couple of dried wood and strings made of animal skin into a fine solo guitar; how he was able to compose those soul lifting verses and ever teasing choruses, of cause I knew they were, even if I couldn’t understand the lyrics. It would interest you to know that he played more instruments; I saw a wooden flute and an instrument that looks like a keyboard made from dried bones.

I was greatly touched when an interpreter told me that, Buda was celebrating the future; that he sang about yet-to-be-born legends of music and entertainment, arts and culture, politics and economy.

It got me quite worried about the fact that he composed songs that will be celebrated in the nearest future; a future he might not live to witness. I sat there pondering on what/who must have inspired him? Why he didn’t give up, since I learnt he started music in his youthful days? I know you would be wondering, because I also wondered why he is still where he is today, with all these talent and creativity. And most importantly, why he never recorded any track.

As usual, I quickly befriended the old man and subsequently became a regular visitor. I recently took three of my colleagues to his place on a weekend; they were inspired as well and would pick a quarrel if I ever went there without them.

To me, Buda was unique; he was able to distinguish himself from the crowd. He had something a lot of people lack. He gave freely, what people bought in ‘hard currencies’; he was amazingly inspiring.

Don’t move a muscle, stay glued to this page as I will be bringing you full details of my encounter with this inspiring man in a jiffy; you’ll have the opportunity of watching him play on video as well.

Thanks for reading!

Written By Ogala “Congo” George.

Image Source: http://background-pictures.feedio.net


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