WATCH VIDEO ‘Feed the Faith’ by Eva Alordiah. The Message you didn’t Think You Needed to hear But do!


Sometimes, when I write, I write for myself. To make myself happy, to relax, to remind the constantly nagging voice in my head that I can indeed write – Which is something I think every writer has to deal with from time to time. Other times when I write, whether it’s a Rap verse or fictional story, I just know and cannot help but acknowledge that I am not the one who is doing the actual writing and in fact what I am writing isn’t mine at all but yours. And it is times like this that I truly feel the joy that is reserved for people who do work from the heart. That was how I felt Writing and Recording this. Now if only I could have these moments of writing bliss everyday!

Please watch this 1 Minute of #MondayInspiration and share your thoughts! #FeedTheFaith was produced one of my favorite producers,  2Jo




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