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The name Jesse Jagz Abaga aka Jargo needs no introduction as the multi-award winning artiste from Jos has proven his musical dexterity and versatility as well an ever growing Hunger for Good Music that sends listeners on an Euphoric flight to El Dorado..Jagz is a Producer, and an artiste grounded in various genre of Music.He grew up in Jos though from Taraba State and had access to his father’s church choir and drum sets at the age of 7.He does Hiphop/Rap, Ragga/Reggae,he is a songwriter and a Singer.He is Versatile, gifted and just is a Shame that he is one of the last of a dying Breed of artiste with a tenacity for choosing Good music over the Ear aching Commercial music that has Bastardized our music Industry.However,this burgeoning Homo Sapien of inestimable talents barely gets the appreciation,attention and Commercial success proportionate to the quality and scholarly content of his Sounds and especially Lyrics and Messages.

Jagz has to his name Three critically acclaimed albums filled with Energetic as well as thought provoking messages that leaves one awe-struck and elated to be blessed with this ”Jag of all tradez’ and lyrical ”God on the Mic”..His first album ”Jag of All Tradez” was released in 2010 to critical acclaim and had hits such as Pump it up,Jargo,The Greatest etc.His second album Jagznation Vol 1:Thine Nation Come,a reggae infused album was well received in 2013 when it was released as an independent artiste and followed up with a Classic rap album titled Jagznation Vol 2: Royal Niger Company in 2014.Jesse Jagz has performed at various local and international shows and he has won various awards including The Future Awards Producer of the year in 2010 and the Lyricist on the roll at the 2014 Headies Award among others.

Jagz is an Award winning Producer who till the break up with Chocolate City was their Major Producer churning out hits upon hits for various artiste.He produced Ice Prince’s ELI Album with Classic hits such as -Oleku, Superstar,etc. Another classic was his Exhilarating work on MI’s Talk About It Album and Illegal music 1 mixtape with glowing reviews that made the Mixtape look like an Album..He has also worked for Great artiste such as Djinee,M.I,Modenine,Kel,Shank,Sasha,Faze ,Majek Fashek ,Bank W etc.)

The Nigerian Rap Hall of Fame can never be complete without Jagz on it…So highly rated are Jargo’s Lyrical prowess that he would no doubt be Top of the pack among the creme de la creme of Nigerian rap finest.M.I though more commercially successful still maintains till date ,his admiration and awe at Jagz’s Genius when he holds the mic…Classic Jagz rap songs such The case, The search, God on the mic, Pedal to the floor, Bed of roses ,Jargo,Window ,Louis,Nobody Test Me,The Greatest etc remains all-time classics on True Rap fans playlist..He is equally an Excellent Popstar (Wetin dey, pump it up, L.O.V.E ,Bend down low etc.) and a Talented reggae/ragga/dancehall act (Murder dem, bad girl, burning bush, Redemption, Sativa, Desire,3rd world war etc)who i would personally liken to the Nigerian’s version of Damian Marley.

In lieu of the undeniable quality and verbal excellence from Jesse Jagz,One thing is sure,long after all the overrated cacophonous rappers whose music are enjoying dislocated massive airplay by our compromised VJ & DJ and discordance commercial noise have melted to ecstatic quietude of harmonious good music. The Jesse Jagz classics will still play on.for this isnt just the ”out the studio artiste”,this is Jagz the God on the Mic making other artiste Lilliputians..This is Art


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