Split Personalities. Poetic Alter: ”Life”


Life is a fire.
Our youth is devoured in a sea of flames.
Washed ashore now we are aged.
Left with memories and wrinkles we are feeble.
We envisage on that beyond and tremble.

Life is a force.
Pushing us towards an inevitable end.
With occasional twists and turn; we falter and learn.
A force with unthinkable intensity.
Influencing a change in our humanity.

Life is a walk-albeit a long one.
With the journey’s end unknown.
Armed with Faith as a compass we go.
Most avoiding the road not taken.
Choosing rather the path well beaten.

Life is a consciousness -forged in a choice.
A toss of the coin,head or tail
Only few know to tip the scale.
These choices become a sum total of us.
Elysian luck adding a plus.

Life is a play.
Rehearsed before its audience.
The Divine as a visible ambiance.
Lights on,lights out,action,cut!
Ends. Take a bow. Proceed forth.

Life is love.
And love is life.
God is love.
And love is life.
One say, the crowning grace of humanity.
I say,the very essence of humanity.

Image Source: http://lyndainamillionlittlepieces.blogspot.com



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