Regardless Love


Have u ever stopped to realise how empty life is as u constantly dwell on the physical and ignore the spiritual?
The first time this thought occurred to me was two years back when i saw a lifeless body by d road on my way to school. I tot to myself “what’s d difference between the cow or chicken thats slaughtered daily and this dead body?”
And it suddenly struck me… “The soul… The spirit”.

The spirit distinguishes us from every other living thing on the face of the earth.
This is the reason why we ought not to treat our fellow human beings as though they were animals…
Because, they are more than the flesh n bone that we see.

Every human being deserves to be loved regardless of his or her looks or position…

I totally pity people dat look down on other people cos they are ugly or poor or whatever.
As long as they were created by my God, they couldn’t hav been made better… Why?*smiles*
Because, regardless of whether he or she is ugly or poor, that person has one thing that no plastic surgeon can give…
A chance to make it to Heaven…
Only that alone makes any human being beautifulll.

So, please be wise and treat everyone u meet… EVERYONE with respect and love regardless of looks, position or behaviour.
God created us in His Image n likeness… God is not flesh n bone. God is spirit. He created the spirit…

We must always relate with the spirit cos the spirit is flawless.


  1. Nice, I love, love, love this. Life gets in the way and it becomes very easy to judge people or just look down on them and we all need constant reminders to ‘love regardless’. Bless your heart!

  2. Very good, I agree with this. Especially that recently, I realised I was an 80% christian. Nowadays I strive to be a 100% Christian.

    God created us to be in communion with Him. Everything else we do on earth, is secondary to that.
    Man is a spirit and he lives in a body. Not the other way around.

    Live for God, focus on Him. He is the most passionate lover you could ever have.


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