Real People, Real Issues…and A Real GOD



I have had the burden to write something on real life issues for a long time but have not gotten the courage to, or should I say because I still had some very real issues to deal with. I finally decided to write about it because I have come to realize that it’s not just about me but about every other person that has and is still struggling with these real life issues.

You might want to know what I mean by real life issues, some of them include: drug abuse, masturbation, pornography, pre and extra marital sex, homosexuality, gossiping, backbiting, slandering, and stealing amongst others. You know a lot of people actually think that it is normal for you to live your life with such issues cos it can’t be helped and to be frank every other person is doing it so why not you?

Let’s start this by asking these questions: how real do you think you are? Do you have real issues? Do you think you can handle it yourself? Do you want to talk about them? Are you willing to fight for your life and let go of these issues? Do you know that you have a God who is real enough, that he is touched with your struggles and is willing to step into it if you allow him? If you did admit that you have issues, are you willing to stand up and say it out loud that you have such issues? Be warned, cos you might get ostracized, and have people that you call friends look down there noses at your “dirty act (s)”

We live in such a world where you are expected to act in a certain way (prim and proper) because of your family background, or talk in a certain way (holy and spiritual words) because you are the child of a pastor or a deacon, so you have to act as if you have it all together, mean while you struggle with your dark secretes and wallow in them cos you truly don’t think anyone will understand why you do the things that you do. But thank God for some of our pastors and parents that have been real enough to confess to the fact that they too have struggled with some of these issues and have been delivered from them, so we now know that the world is not filled with ANGELS but with real people that have real issues that needs to be confronted and dealt with.

A lot of the so called believers are still very afraid to admit that they have struggled with these real life issues and have been delivered from them, because some of them are deacons or prayer warriors and they hold very significant positions in church, and they don’t want the people they mentor to know that they have had such issues and wont want to be looked down on, meanwhile some of these people are actually looking for someone that will be real enough to identify with these issues cos they themselves are struggling and need your help to come through it not your spirituality, cos truly I need to know and understand that someone somewhere have indeed been delivered from what I am currently struggling with, cos that will give me the hope that there will be deliverance for me too, and you need to mentor me on how you were able to stay above board and not go under again cos I’m sure it was not easy.

So enough of our spirituality, its time we truly show and allow people see and understand where we have been, how we came out of it and how we are able to stand firm and not allow the enemy lie to us any longer. So will some real preachers please stand up and talk to us about some real issues? (Selah)

You know in the body of Christ, we have this make believe attitude that once you become born again, you automatically become holy and spiritual, everybody expects that the real issues you have been struggling with as an unbeliever will just evaporate because you confessed Christ as your lord and savior, they turn down their noses at you if you so much as mention the fact that you still have these issues, but hey I’m human and still will be even after receiving Christ and I know that is when the battle begins, from the bottom of your heart you truly want to live right but some how you are not finding it easy and now you need all the help you can get not some church folk who hasn’t been through nothing looking down on you as if you are the devil himself.

Can you please forget about anyone else for now and how spiritual and holy you are expected to be/act, come to think of it, we have allowed holiness and spirituality to overshadow our real selves (Issues) that is why we will keep struggling in every areas of our life and easily fall into sin simply because we refuse to acknowledge and deal with these real life issues, instead these issues start dealing with us by constantly putting us in a mess.

It is now time to break out of the box and stop acting the way people want you to act, start by being truthful to yourself, don’t allow the devil to fool you any longer by telling you that you can actually deal with these issues yourself, without help from God, that my dear is a fat lie from the pit of hell, you will get frustrated when you struggle to help yourself. Accept the fact that you have these issues, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it, because everybody you see on earth has had such struggles even your pastors and bishops, some of them are actually still struggling with it, but they hide it very well cos they have a holy image to present to us, so don’t be fooled rather be wise.

Your healing process begins when you have identified these issues in your life and are willing to be free/delivered from them, at this stage you are very vulnerable because you are willing to be saved, so be careful who you open up to cos there are a lot of religious and sanctified backstabbers that will use it against you. Look for a pastor, a counselor or a friend that you know have had and dealt with real issues before to help you through it.

You don’t need to be told twice, make use of this opportunity cos you may never have another time to make it right, let go of every doubt you have and let God heal you and make you a new person, you don’t have to carry those excess baggage any more.


  1. True talk. Wrote something similar to this myself. Its time for us to wake up to the reality of our struggles and take them to the One Who cares…Thanks for this article.


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