There is a very interesting phenomenon occurring in this generation. From birth to late teens, a child’s overwhelming perception of authority figures is nearly 100% female, with an occasional male making a generally ineffectual appearance.
In the hospital, female nurses are responsible for almost every aspect of child care. At home, the mother is usually the dominant authority figure.

Also 90% of the teachers in primary and secondary schools are- you got it – women.

When a child goes to the movies, supermarkets, fast food restaurants like Mr Biggs, who takes orders, sells the ticket? It is usually women.

So today’s Man may wear jewelry- bracelets, necklaces, and perhaps, an earring. WHY? At the same time, women are wearing shorter haircuts, masculine pants and suits and sometimes neckties just to assert their true selves or punish their oppressors, they allow suppressed rage or self hatred to erupt into violence against the men they perceive as being at fault.

Furthermore, the reason behind this scenario is that, Men and women, not knowing exactly who they are or what their respective roles are, are confused and anxiety ridden .

Until the Man especially,rise up to his role and take his place as the man that he is, he may continually be usurped by the female, am not trying to be chauvinistic here, this piece is majorly born out of painful observations in the society. the man must realize that Being a male is a matter of Birth, But being a Man is a matter of choice. You can choose to earn your respect, leadership and place in your home or society you find your self. It starts with yourself, building your self esteem, and building your capacity and knowledge base that will enable you to lead the woman as dictated by the holy books and as expected by the society.

Conclusively, when the Man who is suppose to be the Head do not take their place and perhaps exchange their place with  the woman, the long run effect is usually ugly, Nature has designed the male to be Head, to direct and to lead, no circumstances should make any Male Negotiate that. I rest my Case.



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