Kiss My Make Up


I sit and stare
I hope you’re there
Somewhere beneath this mask

I hope and pray
I wash away
And hope that you will last

Foundation’s hardly a foundation
Mascara doesn’t make my vision clear
The blush doesn’t provide the rush
Of the blood beckoned by a man’s touch

My eye shadow hides my eyes’ shadow
I’m tired but no one knows
Concealer is really a revealer
That my still waters are still shallow

No one can really see me
Under all this stuff
Yet still I pile on more
Hoping that it is enough

Today there was an E special
Talking about Brazilian weaves and lace fronts
I can’t really decide on which costume I really want

I want to go “natural”
Because it’s aesthetically deep
But every time I get before this mirror of mine
Its Mac and L’Oreal by the heap

The stars are airbrushed
And I don’t know how to keep up
So I dip every single brush
In hopes that I’ll measure up

They light up the night’s sky
And the eyes of the man I want
So I must weave my own Brazilian
And glue on my lace front

He wants a smaller waist
I remove the Biblical rib I was given
He wants rounder tits,
So the surgeon makes 2 more incisions


I don’t know by what I am driven
I seek not recognition or fame
I just want the average Joe
To see me as more than the average Jane

The pressure is immense
My caloric intake is on the rise
But my fear of a fat ass
Is imbedded in these Mickey D’s fries

So I swallow then I throw up
I digest and then I regurgitate
For the statistics echo in my head
As my up-chuck swirls on my plate

How can I be me?
When everyone else seeks to define who that is?
How can I be a size 12, when size 2 is the new 6?
Damn! Can you let a girl live?!

A pressure that’s all mine
Makes contentment impossible
A pressure that’s all the media’s
Makes self satisfaction implausible
So I reach out into the unknown
Fingernails firmly fixed on
Reaching for an image that’s trim and toned
A Halle Berry clone
Taking my place on the conveyor belt
Turning into a drone
Hoping to be churned out a Barbie
All paint and plastic – head to toe


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