In Search of Miracles


In Search of Miracles

Every day you wake up praying, hoping, believing that something different will come your way. Something unusual; something extraordinary. Something unfathomable; something out of the norm. Something special! A change like you’ve never seen or heard before- a miracle. You go through the worst hoping for the best, walk through the valleys aiming for the mountains and sail turbulent seas aspiring for the tranquil shores. You long for, you reach out for, you want, you need- satisfaction. But then you scarcely get it. For when it seems you are at rest, all hell breaks loose and the cycle begins again.

Wait a minute! Did I say you’re in search of miracles? Yes I did say that but why do you have to search that far and just when its seems you have arrived at your destination, you are shocked to realize that your search had only just begun. Did I say you are in search for the unusual; the unfathomable? That out of norm, special thing, feeling or experience that you think will settle all you ever longed for? Yes I did say that but how come even when it seems you’ve attained your search, an insatiable feeling sets in again making you long for more?

Now could you breathe in and out gently and as you do take time to observe what you are doing. Wait! Observe! Do it again, wait and observe. What do you call that? A norm? an usual? A common thing? Well if you think that is common you better have a re-think. There are a whole lot of people who can’t do what you just did with ease. Who would go through pain just to breathe in and out. And even more who are breathing with medically supported equipments. Yet you are in search of miracles. A man who takes no time to appreciate the little things he is blessed with every day never finds a miracle.

You keep searching for miracles far and wide but unknown to you, you are an embodiment of miracles. We search in vain having ignored the very existence of life all around and within us. I want to ask that man who cannot be thankful for the dawning of a new day because he needs a financial breakthrough; and that woman who can’t say good morning to her neighbor because she desperately needs a child; “would you still be expectant if you never woke up with the morning?”

When last did you appreciate someone’s clothes knowing full well its beautiful on them? When was the last time you told your children how much you love them? When was the last time you had a good laugh or told someone how much they meant to you? when was the last time your gifts came to play in people’s life and  put smiles on their faces? When last did you take time to watch a movie with a friend and enjoyed a meal together? When last did you say thank you for the little things you couldn’t afford at a particular point in your life but had it offered to you buy your neighbors? Do you know it’s not everyone that can help you with a lift when you are stranded? Do you know it’s not everyone that would listen to you and laugh even when its not funny? Do you know it’s not everyone that would give you money no matter how little it is, should you ask for it? When last did you appreciate the simple, usual, common things, events, people that come around into your life? Your are busy searching for miracles and you forget that the very channels through which what you seek will reach you are surrounding you every moment of your life. Take a break and learn to appreciate and be grateful and thankful for every little things in your life. For it is what you do with these bits that come into your life that will determine what mass you eventually accumulate.




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