Face In The Mirror


We all get to look at the mirror at least three times in a day every day of our lives, even when we are ill. Each time we look in the mirror we see the same facial features differently, we have different opinions about what we see and what we want to see. I want you to ask yourself, what do you see when you stand in front of the mirror every morning after getting ready for school, work or business? Better still you can just look for a mirror right now and stand in front of it, look real hard into the mirror without breaking your concentration, now what do you see? For me I can see a beautifully and well made up face, a beautiful body (the result of a healthy diet and exercise) beautiful clothes and accessories to match, I’m sure you can feel me now? Cos I know you can see the same things I see.

That is where we have a problem, we only look at the exterior and we tend to pass judgments based on the outward appearance of things. Have you forgotten that all that glitters is not gold? Have you ever tried to look at someone or something beyond the exterior (outward appearance), by looking inward to truly see through the exterior and really appreciate who that person really is?

I need you to look at the mirror again and this time look beyond the well made up face and try if you can to look into yourself not at yourself, I want you to truthfully see who you are and who/what you have become over the years. What do you see? I’m sure a lot of us are confused cos truly we cant see anything apart from what is outside, we seem to have lost our true identity(Identity Crisis, I also wrote an article on it), we don’t know who we are any longer, we now live our lives based on the scripts that has been written out by the society we live in, we do, talk, eat and act the way society expects us to, torturing ourselves greatly just so we can be accepted by other people, denying the pain and struggles of the abuse we have lived through or currently living with.

You find yourself in a position where you continually lie to yourself, you are broken, battered and rotten on the inside but no one can share in your pain or minister to you because you have not allowed anyone to see beyond the surface of your exterior, you have covered it up perfectly with good speech, attitude, clothes and make up, you even have such a great figure (not as a result of dieting but as a result of the inner battles you fight within yourself everyday). Everyone seems to think that you’ve got it all together and they all want to be like you, but no one knows how often you cry yourself to sleep cos deep within you, you know you are not who people think you are, you don’t even know who you are any longer, you have stopped living life, you simply just exist and flow with the trend.

If you see what I have described in the mirror before you, I need you to answer this question: for how long will you keep acting like you’ve got it all together? Knowing for a fact that you will lose it if you don’t stop now, cos very soon all the cloths and make up in the world may not be able to glue you together any longer, you have reached a breaking point where you truly need to cry out, bare yourself so people can see all the scars that is yet to heal but you have covered them up so nicely, but they are still very fresh in your memory, you go to bed every night with them and you wake up with them, re-living every single moment you got each of those scars, you even remember what day of the week it was, what hour, minute and second it all happened, the scars of how you were abused as a child by a loved one, scars from your parents early divorce, scars from losing a loved one so early in life, scars from growing up feeling rejected and unwanted due to the terrible blows life dealt you, scars from failed relationships and insecurities all the while you had no idea that a small still voice has been calling to you to let go of your fears, burdens and worries, and allow him heal and mend you completely.

No wonder you are so good at your job, you have attained such great height at such a short period in your career cos you vowed that you’ll do what ever it takes never to be vulnerable again because you have a point to prove to the world, and to cover up all the scars that no one will see them and make fun of you, you decided to take care of you at all cost, that’s why you always adorn your exterior to give the impression that all is rosy and dandy but you forgot something very important, which is the fact that you are alive today and have not lost your mind despite the enormous weight you bear, this is a sure sign that the owner of the small still voice has been with you through it all, yes he was there when all the negative things happened, he heard your cry of anguish and pain, he called out to you then and has been very close since then trying to get your attention but you were too preoccupied wallowing in self pity to realize that its not you that have held you together all these years, it’s a greater force beyond your wildest imagination.

The truth about the owner of the still small voice is that no matter how long we remain deaf to His call, he never gives up on us cos he is not a man. When you finally heed the call, you will come to know that you have a shoulder to cry on and a place to lay down the entire burden you’ve been carrying about and just rest, cos come to think of it no one expects you to be a super hero when you already have one in your life. Accept His help and let go, stop struggling to build an IMAGE for yourself, allow Him to mould you and make you what he wants you to be as He knows better than you do what is best for you.

Let go and trust him, He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, when men and society rejects you; He picks you up and cleans the dust from you. It’s time to look in the mirror again but this time you have to see what He sees when He looks at you, look hard and see why He calls you the apple of His eyes, it is because of you that he never sleeps nor slumbers and He’s got your back always; just let go and trust Him.



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