Can You See?


Blinding lights, Shuttering cameras, Loud directors, Enchanting smiles and Sharp poses
Different morning, but all too familiar to her
Most popular and appealing to all who beheld her
She was quite the sight, impeccable skin, perfect body, amazing smile and luscious hair
There was no magazine cover she wasn’t on
Can you see?

Dying organs, swollen gums, stomach ulcers
Many inadequacies and insecurities she wrestled with
Her plastic smile was externally enchanting, with every flash of the camera it pleaded ‘help me’
Her hollow eyes, outwardly reminiscent of gemstones screamed ‘can you see me’
The beauty everyone beheld was the total opposite of what was happening to her internally.

Her colleagues had attributed her recent fainting to stress and lack of rest
No one noticed that her hair was losing its shine or that she kept her nails short because they were breaking
No one even observed that her collar bone had become more visible
No one saw her regular visit to the toilet after each meal in a bid to get the food out of her body.

Two years, two whole years and no one noticed her habits
Her diet consisted of a couple of fruits and a yogurt per day
The desire to be thin was greater than the cry of desperation from her weak body

When she wasn’t at photo shoots or entertaining the media she was exercising. Doing everything she thought she should be to ‘maintain her figure’.
In her mind she only seemed to be getting fatter.
In her mind, her diet was not doing the trick.
With every step she took she could almost feel her organs move.
Her body felt like it was at the borderline of shutting down.

I see pain, I see mental torture, I see an illness, anorexia but what do you see? A beautiful slim model? Can you see her now?

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