Black Beauty


Growing up, she, like many others, had always dreamed of seeing her face on billboards and magazine covers.
Dreams filled with a super model’s reality; runways, cameras, lights, glitz, glamour, sights but with each passing day, this dream lost colour.
Dreams once filled with lights, slowly became as dark as the colour of her skin
She thought, in her mind, that she could not be the perfect model because she was tall, striking but dark-skinned.
She grew a sense of inadequacy; almost pretty, almost beautiful, she was almost perfect, with her skin to blame for this ‘almost-ness’.

All the girls she had seen on billboards, magazine covers, music videos and considered beautiful were light-skinned. Even in school she’d observe boys having a stronger attraction for the lighter-skinned girls.
In her deep and once shimmery brown eyes, dark skin was the runner up in society..

Daily, she wondered why her skin was dark and questioned God’s fairness – or rather, darkness. She felt she had a bone to pick with HIM. Why had HE been wicked to her by placing the curse of dark skin on her? HE had watched her get teased at school yet HE did nothing.

Sadly, she had never learned, or better yet been taught to embrace her color. She had never been told that she was beautiful – which she was – and that her dark skin was a blessing from the Most High and started taking care of it using products like this new and amazing anti-aging cream.
She had never learned of this skin’s freedom her ancestors fought for…Instead, she had heard so many myths of dark skin: one being that it was a curse from the most High for His leftover creation.
The loudest echoing in her mind was that “the paint God used for His children got finished when He was almost done creating them, so the dark skinned creation remained unpolished”.
Another she’d heard was that “while God was creating man, He got tired, fell asleep, and some of his creations got burnt in the process…”She would give anything just to be lighter or get out of her skin….

I wish I could tell her our history, our story. I wish I could tell her the truth; tell her that God never makes mistakes, created her in His own image.
Wish I could tell her that true beauty comes from within and by being comfortable in one’s skin. She is black, therefore she is beautiful.
If only she could hear me…..

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  1. I know this!

    I can relate to every line except the hating God part. Modelling is hard for black girls and you need to have super features to make it big. You need to be extra dark or with really high cheek bones or manage to have round cheeks or skinny with boobs/hips. It’s ridiculous! But we go make am by God’s grace, the God that brought our race this far will take us even further.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Our women need to start being told how beautiful they are from a young age because this world and it's obsession with light skin may break them if they don't see their value

  3. I can honestly say I’ve never suffered from “dark girl complex”. I think people view you how you view yourself, no I’m not lightskinned but I think I’m beautiful & I exude thate. we all need to be proud of who we are.


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